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DISCLAIMER:  This product was sent to for review.  I am not paid by BeautyBoxCorp/Kpalette Ph or Beauty Bar Ph to review this product and my likes and dislikes are my own opinion.
Product Description:
K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil
"1 DAY TATTOO brings you the best of K-Palette once again. We now have the 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil; another promising product for its richness of the color, glossiness, and making it longer lasting! In addition, it is comprised of soft pencil tip to make application easier. K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil is waterproof and holds strong resistance against water, sweat and sebum. In addition, the eyepencil now contains beauty essences for your eye care while you apply make up! This is a must have product if you want to complete your eye look.
More lasting and easy to draw! Newly launched 1DAY TATTOO has a formula for both smudge and water-proof.
Bears a formula for smudge and water-proof functions. High molecule polymer repels water and prevents eye line from getting smudged (can be removed using make-up remover).
It only takes 1 minute to get a “tattoo-like” eye line. Repels water, sweat and oil on skin all day long
Takes care of your skin while you put your makeup on!
3 types of beauty essences are added to the formula to take care of the delicate skin around the eyes, while creating impressive eye makeup. (Hyaluronic acid Na, water soluble collagen & Swertia Japonica essence).
Easy to draw with softer lead
Softer lead enables easy drawing on the roots and fills in the gaps between the lashes. Deep solid color enhances the eye makeup, making them look impressive!"
The product itself:
thank you beauty box corp, for the English product description at the back and instructions how to use.
the ingredient list below
seeing the 2mm tip up close

waterproof demo
after full day's shift - some fading
melting and and smudging
but during the first 4 hours after application, i get a really solid black liner for my waterline and lash line.

  • already in the Philippines for PhP795 at the beauty bar philippines
  • no need to sharpen, just twist
  • the lead is stiff enough for the lead not to melt all by itself and / or not break easily
  • BUT  the lead is soft enough for an easy and smooth application on your waterline and lash line
  • did not give me any eye irritation either on my sclera (the whites of my eye), my waterline, or the skin where my lashes grow out of
  • no weird scent
  • small packaging for easy handling during travel
  • printing on the packaging won't scratch off
  • it's waterproof, so cry, get rained on, get into a bar brawl and have water based liquids thrown at your face, this baby will stay put
  • didn't transfer to my upper lid
  • true and solid black upon application so long as the lead has an even tip
  • on me, (so it doesn't mean YOU) the thin line i made on the outer corner of my lower lash line melted spread around the outer corners of my eye
  • from the pics above it also looks as though i have flakes under my eye (no, not from the mascara used, i used the hello kitty one which doesn't flake off my lashes)
  • PhP795, but it's a Japanese product so such items are more expensive than the same product from korea or the west.
  • i'm no longer a fan of lead pencil liners, for a while now.  i prefer felt tip liners and gel liners.   - i feel as though i leave a goop of product in between my lashes when i use these.  ALBEIT, this one is particular is really soft compared to the pencil liners in the market.
  • apart from which if you apply this after you apply eye shadow, it pickup the shadow so you'd have to run the liner again on your lash line.  
I recommend this pencil liner to those starting out with makeup.  i think the lead is not soft enough for you to poke yourself in the eye and hurt yourself, BUT IS soft enough for an even and solid application with no blotting or skipping.  try to use an eye primer even on the outer corners of your eye.  the eye primer will catch the wax seeping away from the liner pigment and keep it high up as possible that way the tint of the pencil liner will not follow downwards where the wax melted (separated) - again in vernacular.  pwede ito sa mga taong nagsisimula pa lang sa pag apply ng makeup.  ang lead/gitna nito ay malambot para naman di ka masaktan habang ina-apply mo ito sa iyong mga mata nang hindi pinapahaba ang mga talukap ng mata (without stretching the eye too much) aminin! :P hehehe at hindi rin ito nag-skip or blot.  maglagay ng eye primer na rin sa gilid ng mata sa para di kumalat pag nainitan na yung liner.
I think I covered everything, but if you happen to have any questions, just leave a comment below ^_^


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