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ERRATUM: i saw my brush turned flesh colored (previously having white tips) sooo, this does change color just like the ad and tarp says it does.  but it's quite fair, like my skin, nc15 sand beige kind of fair, so i didn't get to see it on the back of my hand since the back of my hand is fairer than my face.
DISCLAIMER:  I received this as a welcoming gift from Tony Moly Korea when I attended their JYJ-Tony Moly event last April 10, 2013, thanks to Tony Moly Philippines. I am not paid cash or under any kind of persuasion to review this product.  This product is already available in the Philippines at our local Tony Moly Philippines boutiques and kiosks for PhP948
Product information on the box:
packaging of the product is in a pump bottle
directions are in English
ingredients are below:
product is white and has a hint of a mild flowery smell that i dig and the scent does not make me sneeze
once blended out, i'm sorry if the luminescence does not show up in the picture
below is a picture of me with the cc cream on the right side of my face on top of the cc cream i had already applied foundation, because it was advised by the Tony Moly Korea celebrity makeup artist that their cc cream is used as a based as she demoed in the event
i had the flash on the below pic
the finished product hahaha, on top of the foundation i applied the tony moly oriental gyeol goun two way pact that i reviewed here
i think it's mostly because of the compact with spf 48 pa+++ that i look ghostly in the picture with the flash on.  but soon as the powder settles, i look normal LOL
THOUGHTS - as per demo of celebrity makeup artist Park JooHye, the Tony Moly CC Cream is a base.  It should give your foundation or bb cream an extra boost of lasting wear and in this case luminosity.  I am not a big fan of extra steps.  It's the reason why i'm all over bb creams because it's supposed to be an all in one do it all product (sun screen, skin care, foundation in one).  the added step of the cc cream as a base to be topped with foundation or bb cream is what it is, an extra step.  unlike what the ad and collaterals seem to imply, the white cream didn't turn to flesh or skin tone.
  • pump bottle.  i'm always a big fan of pump bottles, it just makes things way easier and more hygienic
  • faint luminosity which i prefer since i live in a very humid tropical and too much 'shine' will look oily
  • easy to blend out
  • doesn't streak regardless of what type of brush i use or if i just use my fingers to blend out
  • doesn't break me out
  • spf 30 pa ++
  • does not affect the foundation or bb cream i use meaning it does not hasten the oxidation rate of the blush and foundation i use when i have this on
  • oil control - a little more than moderate from a scale of 1-5, 1 being poor and 5 being the best, i give this about a 3 to a 3.5
  • pore coverage - since it's being used as a base is fair, i've had bb creams with better pore coverage
  • doesn't feel heavy on the skin 
  • doesn't cake up the bb cream or foundation on top of it
  • doesn't make my foundation or bb cream slide off my face with this under it
  • the plastic bottle is not see through, and since it is not a squeeze tube, i can't tell how much product i have left.
  • the extra step, but that's my preference, if girls have the time and patience for this extra step then by all means try this.
  • made me look more made up than i would normally like at the office
FINAL THOUGHTS: I'm a fan of easy one step face makeup, if i can buy a bb cream with foundation medium to full coverage qualities with skin care and sun screen then i'd buy that. 


Jemimah Reyes said...

I'd love to try this CC cream except that I have these nasty dark spots caused by acne & I'm afraid that this alone won't do anything to make it look better. Perhaps when my skin clears up I would, but for someone who needs coverage, medium at the very least, I think I'd still go for my favorite bb cream or foundation! :)

Marge said...

oh, i see. you can still use this as a base though to make your foundation or bb cream last longer and give it extra luminosity ♥ but yeah, compared to the most recent cc creams i've tried, (nature republic and etude house) this cc from tm can't be used alone, unless you just wanna use it for sun screen and skin care purposes

ela_jo said...

hi! I'm a newbie on cc creams.. i would like to ask if which one is better. tony moly cc cream or the face shop aura cc cream?

Marge said...

the tony moly is a true cc cream while the tfs aura is more a bb cream in my opinion. if you'd like to start on cc cream try the etude house or the nature republic one ;-)

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