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DISCLAIMER:  this was sent to me as part of a press kit for review.  I am not paid in cash to review products sent to me, nor am I timebound to post these reviews. 
K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara Black, Waterproof
Product description from the brand:
1 DAY LASH PERM brings you the best of K-Palette once again. We now have the 1Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara Black Waterproof; another promising product for its volumizing property, ideal long lasting curls, and film-type mascara making it easy to remove. In addition, the 1Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara now contains four added beauty essences that take care of your lashes while creating impressive curl length!
Retails at Php 895.00
1Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara Black, Waterproof
Pullulan, a lengthening ingredient, coats each lash, effectively defining lashes with its thickening & volumizing properties without clumping!
Curl-keep-polymer keeps lashes curled perfectly for longer hours!

Comes with beauty essences to care for lashes while creating impressive curl and length! (Panthenol, Hydrolyze Silk, Red Algae Essence and Swertia Herb).
It is easily removed with lukewarm water without hurting your delicate skin or lashes!
Now for my story:
as always, K-Palette Philippines provides us with English labels so we can find out about the product better.
the ingredients are below:
a curved brush so you get a brush with a concave part 
and a convex part
as you may recall my sparse and short lashes are still the same as below
but with one coat of the the volumizing mascara from K-Palette
and two coats
and three coats.
the pictures don't do the mascara justice.  I would have to say it really did make my lashes appear more than it really is.  more full, more black, more like, just more, like i have thicker lashes.  I prefer this volumizing one the other k-palette 1day lash perm in the red container tube. that one is for lengthening, which it did lengthen but it was a dryer kind of formula that i didn't appreciate too much.  Unlike with this creamier formula I can control how much of it i will apply on my lashes depending on my lashes' behavior.  I can apply three coats if i want the full effect or just two coats if i only want lengthening.
now for the run down:
  • creamy formula that is for now easy to apply and coat on nearly all my lashes
  • the wand has bristles that can coat all my upper and lower lashes even the difficult ones at the corner of my eyes
  • dries on my lashes pretty quickly, but not too fast either, just enough time for me to effectively coat my lashes evenly and when it doesn dry which is pretty quick, that means you don't have dots of mascara on your upper eye lid when you open your eyes.
  • doesn't stink
  • doesn't irritate my eyes
  • isn't difficult to remove true enough it can be removed with warm water with no filmy or stiff residue of formula (ink) on my lashes
  • doesn't flake off
  • keeps my curls 
  • isn't heavy on my lashes
  • doesn't smear or smudge
  • tear proof
  • no panda eyes at the end of the day
  • isn't itchy on my lash line
 i keep saying this, depending on how your lashes grew this season (and it's hard EVAARR that lashes grow in a row or a straight line) affects how you curl your lashes.  then how your lashes are curled will affect how the mascara will apply on your lashes.  so unless you have those uber thin lash combs always handy, there will be lashes that will end up stuck to each other.  not really clumping...i define clumping as formula or product on your lashes like clumpy hollandaise sauce that suffered too much heat.  so if it's just hair stuck together like on my last pic, that STILL isn't clumpy.  my lashes are just too sparse and short so when i curl them they go into their L stance but all leaning to different directions.
  • none really, the price is Japanese and is well Japanese...nuff said
Do I recommend this mascara? yes i do, specially to women who have sensitive eyes.  some women even with the most popular and best selling mascara JUST get itchy and all red when they use mascara.  with the ingredients in this k-palette mascara, women with sensitive eyes may have a shot to having gorgeous lashes without the itch and redness.
sooooo, whatchatink!? 


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Very nice review ^.^ Very descriptive review, with great pictures.

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