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Naturally, I'll review Etude House's CC cream ^_^
Disclaimer:  I received this as a birthday gift from Kkochipida, she has been my long time trusted Korean cosmetics seller since I started my blog.  I am not paid to review this product either by Kkochipida or by Etude House Ph.
CC creams have come to spread its popularity among Korean brands as well and here's Etude House's iteration of the product.  Etude House has two variations of their cc creams.  A semi matte and a glow or dewy variant.
 the marketing selling points
 Based on the below, cc creams are more for skin care while bb creams are more for makeup.
a picture I found online in comparing the silky and the glow.  I have the silky

 A description below on how to use cc creams.
and this is third brand that is good enough to provide a pump at the end of their tube containers.
it has the basic functions of bb creams it's just this time it's cc cream
the ingredients are below
it comes out of the tube as white, but you can see specks of pigment (smaller and slightly lighter than of np's cc cream)
upon initial blending
after blending, this is lighter than that of np's.  this is more for my skin tone, i reckon
it evened out my skin more and not make me look orangey.
and once blended out and set with powder
this is only very subtlely light reflective

  • the scent, i love this scent, it's the same scent as the sun bb and the precious minerals bbdation, i wish they'd come out with a perfume of that scent
  • it actually has good oil control like the np, i'd give it a 3/5 (1-no oil control 5-hardly needing to blot your oilies)
  • just the right tone for my skin, not orangey
  • fair pore coverage, not the best not the worst either, but it's better than the shu tsuya base, i have to wear foundation on top of that or else, i'd look like i have nothing on
  • doesn't cake up
  • doesn't smudge or smear or melt onto the rims of my eye glasses
  • doesn't slide off my face
  • semi matte finish, great for the summer and humid weather
  • can stand alone, i hardly need to apply foundation or bb cream on top of this
  • has the minimum spf i expect - spf30
  • doesn't cake up
  • does not oxidize 
  • does not reflect too much light so no floating white head
  • doesn't break me out
  • afaik this is already available locally but i haven't checked so i don't know the price
  • a good base
  • i still apply concealer under my eyes
RECOMMENDATION:  I do NOT recommend this to women with old, big, purply pimple scars, unless you will use this as a base then you can apply a much heavier coverage foundation.  but if you have a good complexion anyway then this is for you, for the skin care benefits, the spf and for a more finished but not too made up look.

My own two cents - i'm still iffy on these cc creams, so far i think they're too shear and i was merely having a good skin month so i've been lucky with the 3 cc creams i've tried so far.  but if i were to be asked to choose between the two, cc cream vs bb cream? my money is still with bb creams just because i prefer the coverage yet i can still see my skin underneath bb creams.


Susie Ramos said...

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Michelle Ame said...

I have been using revlon colorstay foundation and I'd like to try the BB and CC creams but I don't know which bb or cc product to try and also my skin is oily and tends to breakout. I was wondering maybe you could recommend one for me? :)

Marge said...

i like the tony moly expert triple, it's very similar to the revlon colorstay for oily combo with softplex spf6

Michelle Ame said...

thanks Marge I'll try it :)

Shimmerjjang said...

i kind of like this, i don't know. I still think Tony Moly's CC cream works better for me. hehehe~ CC creams look good on you naman kasi you have good skin anyway <3

Monica Santos said...

I also have this and I agree that i has a pretty good oil control compared to bb creams, but I miss the dewy/a little glow that bb gives. If I also have to choose between bb or cc as of now, I will still pick bb. :)

CJ said...

I think CC creams are supposed to be more on the sheer side as opposed to bb creams which have both sheer and heavy coverage depending on the brand. It's really more of a color corrector, I have one as well and it only just does that and doesn't last for more than 2 hours in intense heat + my oily skin.

Marge said...

they have a dewy version of this...this one i have is the more matte one ^_^

Marge said...

awww thanks, hmmm, i prefer this and the nature republic one over the tony moly tony moly i feel obliged to layer foundation or bb on TOP :P

Marge said...

awwww, i stay in a very heavily airconditioned office so mine stays on all day, yep, that's what the marketing collaterals do say, more on skin care, too, than makeup

Marge said...

good luck!

Monica Santos said...

but I'm afraid baka mag oily ako lalo pag glow. ~~ang gulo ko lang. haha.:))

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