Sunday, July 28, 2013

BB CREAM OF THE WEEK: Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++

I got these samples in Seoul in my most recent trip.  So I wanted to try them out and review them.
and here's what i've found about the product:

and the ingredients are at the back of the packaging/plastic 'box', credit to Milk Mochi
description from
Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ #1 Light Beige contains silk powder and moist capsule which give you soft feeling and make your skin glisten, silky and luminous. It is a triple functional cream, which include UV protection, whitening function and wrinkle improvement. It spreads lightly and thinly upon your skin, making your skin look natural.
how to use it:
Apply appropriate amount onto the face before sun exposure.
Hyaluronic Acid: moisten the skin
Amino Acid: make skin elastic and luminous
Cherry Blossom extracts: protect sensitive skin
country of origin
suitable for
all skin type
Luminous Silk Starter For BB is a multi-makeup cream that can be used as a primer before makeup (to be used with a BB Cream), or as a highlighter at the end of makeup routine.
If you would like your skin to be more glittery, mix the BB Cream and the Starter at a one to one ratio and spread across your face softly.
After applying a BB Cream, re-apply Starter slightly upon forehead, nose, cheekbone or philtrum to make your face look smaller and solid.
and my own swatches

so it's almost full coverage
oh google plus pictures does these collage things now, neat!
and finished with my setting powder.
  • CHEAP - this thing is less than us$9 on gmarket it's SKW9030 (us$835) hopefully when Holika Holika opens in the Philippines in that far away mall in farview that it's not gonna be too pricey
  • almost full coverage for a bb cream! i hardly need any concealer under my eye
  • smells nice, too, has a powdery scent
  • 01 beige works for me, i don't look too fair, just right
  • can easily be spread
  • does not cake up
  • has decent oil control i give it about 3.5/5 (1 being almost no oil control while 5 is almost no oil forming on the tip of my nose)
  • good pore coverage
  • lasting
  • high spf and pa of 42 and +++
  • doesn't transfer on to the rims of my glasses
  • does not oxidize on me
  • keeps the blush the same shade as i first apply it
Neutral - neutral because i'm not entirely sure if it's my monthly hormonal thing but while i was using this i developed big zits, yes, plural below my lip and on my chin.  so it's possible that the spf used in this is strong for my skin so i reacted with a couple of zits.  or the zits isn't due to the bb cream AT ALL.  so neutral.
Dislikes - none, the packaging is an upside down tube with a pump on the end, too, so i am not seeing any dislikes for this product since i'm putting the zits incident under my neutral anyway.
So whatchatink? yep, sa sm fairview ang unang holika holika store.  so i'll wait for it when it gets to trinoma or that mall next to it or the mall where i work. but i'm excited that Holika Holika is coming to the Philippines! i hope it really really pushes through!


Tanya Tonéva Iliéva said...

Wow, this BB cream has super good SPF but unfortunately I think it would be too dark for me. It looks great on you though!

Marge said...

thanks ^_^

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