Saturday, July 13, 2013


Last week I was invited by Nuffnang to join their event with Nestle when they had an event at the Romulo Cafe.  The product is Nestle's newest yogurt, the ActiV
this yogurt not only has your usual probiotics but in addition it now has fiber
to help with constipation
and yet taste so good!
check out nestle actiV's facebook page here
the event was from 2PM to 6PM
and there were lots of fun and relaxing activities
to relax was the basic theme though
instead of the now common photobooth they instead wanted their attendees take something home that people can actually use.
but first, a mini spa treatment
where we had the option of a shoulder and neck rub, a paraffin wax treatment for the hands, and something else that i sadly do not remember
and the main lounge
where we were fed well
and where our gracious host was interviewing the main reason why we were all here, actress Ms Cherie Gil.
statuesque and larger than life, Ms Cherie Gil spoke about her experiences with food and sometimes difficulties with expelling the food she had
the lady is funny, smart, and sharp! the type of woman whose brain you'd wanna pick.  i love that.  the quirky and fun attitude she exuded that afternoon.  a great spokesperson for this product.  Nestle would need that, after all this product's push is the fiber Nestle included in it, something that we generally don't talk about over dinner.  There really is no fun way of talking about constipation.  but because Ms Gil is a mom and has been on this earth for sometime now, she presented her experiences in her usual funky self that was best for the product.  so yes, she touched on being pregnant three times and the difficulties a pregnant woman can have with defecation. 
Ms Cherie Gil was also kind enough to let nearly all of us have a photo-op with her. 
instead of Kikaytrekkie or my name.  I opted to make pasalubong to my hubby.
and the loot.  i do like my new lunch bag.  yeah they made us draw and this was all i could come up with at a moment's notice.  someone on tumblr made a cartoon version of Eli Kim so it was the only thing i copied.
well as for the yogurt itself, it does say on the nutrition facts that this contain 5g of fiber.  so if your tummy is sensitive to yogurt, probiotics, and fiber, do take this at home and at night, that way, in the morning when you get up it'll be that time to do your number 2 INSTEAD of feeling the need to do so in the bus, cab, mrt, or anywhere else that isn't your own loo.
Overall, it was a fun event, the food was awesome, the company was great, and the guest speaker was wonderful.  I just had one complaint, there was no wifi at the venue.  the signal of the telcos were lousy as well.  it was on scout streets on timog so it was like a subdivision sans the gate and the walls of a 'gated community' so the signal of the telcos were weak in the area.  The event had asked us to hashtag them our sns their  with whatever picture we had of the event at the time.  eh wala ngang wifi yung cafe, some smart lady loudly replied, 'naku, wala akong load!' hahaha that wasn't me I promise!  but i did laugh, very loudly at that.
I am grateful for this event.  even my hubby likes this yogurt, and I maybe buying this latest yogurt, the nestle actiV from now on.


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