Sunday, July 21, 2013


I've heard that Too Cool for School has opened in the Philippines for sometime now and the first branch was at MOA.  So I was all excited when I got an invite to come to the opening of their newest and 2nd branch at the North (this branch is in front of Mann Hann, near Chow King at the main mall).  
and since there was a great northern sale, this opening was in time for this weekend northern sale.
it was quite the opening.
the first time I saw Too Cool for School was when I first visited Seoul, in Myeongdong.  I loved the loft post modern-ey cafe kinda feel to the interior. it's very much UNlike the interiors of Korean brands we are already used to.
as you can see from my pictures of their Seoul branch below:
 and the interior of that branch:
so the proprietress brought the same everything to their Manila stores.
including the quirky interiors and displays
it's not princess-ey at all
and not at all giving that nature feel more like post industrial modern cool feel.
scary? not at all, my hubby and i appreciate this refreshing different motif.
and now for the products.
the design seems to me is more for college and working girl, early 20's set.
but can still be cute
and more grown up but still have the pre-graduate feel
oooh it's those nice pocket perfumes, i have a few of those from Seoul, hehehe
chubby sticks? yeah!
oh hello there 1day tattoo LOL
reminds me of a 2ne1-CL, gdragon feel, huh?
as you can see with the prices
that they hardly put a markup between the prices here in Manila than the prices in Seoul.
and it's not all cosmetics either
they have tools, too!
and the center piece, present in all stores.
the feeding was done at Mann Hann, thank you for the wine!
and the loot:
yes, that is a lavender blush you see.  it's quite similar to mac's joy full of blush as shown here by temptalia
and bagfullofnotions 's chanel's ultra rose powder as shown below on her collage of pics of her chanel blush:
The proprietress convinced me that their lavender blush was a hot selling item well, way way cheaper than channel so i was sold on that.
i also asked what makes them different compared to other Korean brands - answer - they do not have any KPOP endorser.  they will rely on the quality of their products to be their selling point. Well, as one of my readers said, good luck sa kanila.  What I can say is though the products of this brand is not as expensive as say Laneige, Sulwhasoo, or HERA, they are at least competitive with the prices of The Face Shop and Tony Moly.
I am very much excited for this brand, as much as my office girl readers love and need the inexpensive prices of the other brand I endorse and love there needs to be a variety of choices.  it's what keeps our juices flowing!
I'm excited to use the blush and the lunch box! more on that on my instagram and fb page ;-)


Beauty by Tellie said...

I like their whole look! Can't wait to drop by :)

Marge said...

true, it's unique which made me interested almost immediately

Chic Sassy Mom Des said... cool! And the loot, hmmm, inggit! ^_^ Will wait for your for love your FOTD. Might shop soon! ^_^

Marge said...

hehehe, walang cd noh, alam mo namang tumataas kilay ko pag walang hinandang press kit. i bought the stuff that are full size the blush and the lunch box bbfoundation with concealer and highlighter. thankfully they were on 20% discount for bloggers at the evening of the event.

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