Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pink Box Has a New Endorser! Ms Vernice Enciso!

Last week saw me with a lot of events.  One of which was the debut of Ms Vernice Enciso as the Pinkbox endorser!
The debut was a cozy mirienda for friends, press, and bloggers.
 that was held at Zarzuela at the new wing of the Shangri La mall.
 The program began with Pinkbox's CEO thanking all of us for coming to the event and has given us another exciting news
it was explained how the designs of pink box's accessories are unique and there are new designs every two weeks!
brand consultant and co-blogger, Liz of speaks to tell us of the new store 
 about to open! and below is the updated look of Pinkbox stores.
and our photo wall of pink box's end users and patrons through the years and our latest endorser
 And at last, Vernice speaks.
and the ladies behind pink box and the lady of the afternoon, Vernice.
 what a lovely smile.
 she has been using Pink Box accessories since she was a little girl!
thank you Liz for this nice and cozy event.  congratulations and more power to you and Pink Box.
oooooh my ghad, i'm not a fan of Spanish food, but i do love the food served at the our gig.  I'll be coming back to Zarzuela, and soon!
can't wait to use the loot, thank you!


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