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DISCLAIMER:  This was given to me for review.  I am not paid by the face shop to review their items and i do not do reviews for a living.
a functional compact that's easy to carry around and is travel friendly
there are two kinds for the face shop the compact one that was given to me and this capsule one below.  the capsule one has spf40 and is recommended for DRY skin AND the cream looks like the 2 other cc creams i've tried already, the white at first with flecks of pigment.
The product is endorsed by Girls Generation's Seohyun and Miss A's Suzy.
Product description by The Face Shop Philippines:
"The Color Control Cream, a trend-sensitive’s must-have item for natural skin tone.
Trends are constantly changing and always remember that they don’t wait for you to catch up. Here’s what is hot in the beauty world’s trends: “Stay natural” and this perfectly matches THEFACESHOP’s branding concept. The innovative Color Control Cream has skin-perfecting functions of both skincare and makeup in just one compact case. Serving two functions at once, the CC cream, to your surprise, carries moisturizing substances that are found in normal skincare products like toner or emulsion. Moreover, the makeup benefits you are to experience from this CC cream are astonishing!
The barely-there makeup base creams come into two types of unit. The Aura Color Control and Smart Capsule CC. These two mainly work for natural looking skin tones but are slightly different.
Switch On. Let the magical lighting begin.
Liquid makeup base oozing out of the surface when pressed is notable with its innovative container. Not only looking pretty outside, the high-technology used inside is just suitable for today’s generation. Skin illumination and transparency are well shown with Face It Aura CC Cream. The Amati ST Particle, also known as skin illumination wattage, helps brighten up skin tone as if a spotlight is switched on under the surface. At the same time, the skin stays moisturized and glowing all day long.  In addition to make readers more excited, it is darkening proof!"
My product shots:
so it's spf 30 - [the capsule one has spf 40]
has a decent sized compact mirror
and the puff that i really like, the rubberized type.
sealed for our protection.
and the product comes out in the middle when you press the semi opaque plastic pump
product description from the box this item comes in
ingredient list:
swatchie time, unlike the previous cc creams i've tried this one looks like a bb cream or a thick foundation
but blends pretty well with a semi matte finish
fantastic coverage
and with the full makeup.  by the way i don't smoke hehehe baka may magtanong about my lips hahaha.
and the coverage stays and and does not oxidize
  • best CC cream i've tried so far
  • travel friendly with the mirror and being packaged that way, that can easily be tucked in an my hand carry
  • all day lasting
  • semi matte finish makes for a healthy look that's acceptable in the society i live in that sees dewy skin as oily skin
  • does not oxidize on my face over time
  • doesn't affect the shade of blush i'm wearing (doesn't oxidize my blush, because the cc cream itself does not oxidize
  • has a slight scent some kind of grassy flowery but i like it
  • a little product goes a long way, so matipid gamitin
  • has at least spf30 in it [their rationale for having more spf for the capsule one - dry skinned people need more protection]??
  • does not cake up during the day
  • CAN BE used for touch up and not go all cakey - while their other variant the capsule thingie, can't be used for touching up
  • shade match is AWESOME i'm using natural beige
  • coverage is medium to buildable, so like a bb cream hahaha or a foundation for that matter and fantastic pore coverage - di ba naman noh? nagmukha kong tao with it on LOL
  • doesn't rub off onto the rims of my glasses
  • easy to remove at the end of the day
  • doesn't break me out
  • refillable (refill costs 995)
  • ADDENDUM - oil control - 3.5/5 (1-almost no oil control 5-almost no need to blot the oil from your nose)
DISLIKES - the price php1595, thing is, my beloved is php1900++ with REFILL already

ULIT, what are CC creams - here's what wikipedia has to say
CC cream, also known as Color Control cream, or color correcting cream, is a refined blemish balm cream or Beauty Balm created and developed in Korea.[1][2] BB (Blemish Balm) cream was originally formulated in Germany and has in recent years gained popularity in Asia, and is also gaining popularity Europe and North America.[3] CC cream is widely used in Asia to provide natural-looking skin coverage.[4] While BB cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, CC cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage. CC cream was formulated with technology originating in Japan and further developed in Korea.[5][6]
CC cream's benefits are reputed to include sun protection[7] as well as better coverage, blending, and treatment of uneven skin tones than BB creams.[8] Some users find it to have a lighter texture than BB cream, which allows for smoother application with a less oily finish.[9][10] ]
Brands include Rachel K,[11][12] Loreal, and Chanel.[13][14][15] Rachel K, a Singapore-based brand, is the first brand to pioneer CC cream and introduce it into the market before other major beauty companies like ChanelLancomeOlay and L'Oreal.[16][17][18] In April, 2012, a medium-sized Korean cosmetic company, Mizon, released CC Cream (Correcting Combo Cream), and in late 2012, Chanel released its own CC (Complete Correction) Cream on the Chinese market.[19] In the fall of 2012, Olay released a CC Cream line in the United States.[20]


Jasmin O. Perez said...

Ms. Marge, what is your "beloved" php1900+++ ??? :) Nakita ko sa website ng Laneige Korea may CC Cream na din sila, kaya parang gusto ko na din mag try ng cc.. hehehe :D

Jasmin O. Perez said...

Looks really nice on you. :) Parang Snow White lang... hihi :D btw, what's your "beloved" that cost php1900+++??? Nakita ko sa website ng Laneige Korea, meron na din silang CC Cream, kaya parang gusto ko na din mag try ng CC cream.. sana hindi ko pag-CC-han.. joke. :)

AlexP said...

Been hoping you'd review this!!! Do you think it'll last if i wear it to school? Our rooms aren't air conditioned & i have combi skin :o Thanks! :)

Marge said...

very good question, it should last in humid and hot environments.
you can just blot any oil from your forehead, nose and chin area to look fresh again. and this can be used to retouch as well.

Marge said...

thanks for the compliment, yeh bet ko nga ang finish nito sakin. my beloved is laneige snow bb cushion. that has higher spf with refill with each purchase. the snow bb has a slightly less coverage so a more natural look so on days that you just need to look finish you can use the snow bb when you're breaking out you can use this. hehehe when i say you i actually mean me hahaha
sige tanong natin kay laneige ph kung andito na yung cc cream nila. thanks for the heads up

Jasmin O. Perez said...

You're always welcome po. :) Yeah, I love Snow BB Cushion too,pero as of now I'm using their perfect pro bb kit, which is really really good..actually I'm in love with Laneige, thanks to you and your reviews with their products.. hihihi,. pati pala yung bb cushion meron na din syang parang upgraded version, though i'm not sure kung sa content or yung packaging lang. Medyo matagal nga lang din i-release dito sa ph yung mga bago nilang products...

Marge said...

oh the the pro kit! i like that bb, i just couldn't justify buying a bb cream with a vibrator puff when i already have one (from the face shop) unlike sa etude house, pwede kahit di bilhin yung vibrating puff kit.
sige, lemme check out the new snow bb cushion di ko pa nabubuksan yung refill ko hahaha ang tipid kasi gamitin LOL

life is a shoe said...

great post! I've been wanting to try cc cream too!

Marge said...

thanks. yeah, if you try this one by the face shop, it won't disappoint you

Monica Santos said...

So for dry skin pala yung smart capsule..This aura cc cream looks like a bb nga. It looks good on you, pretty! I want to try this pero yan maglalabas yung laneige din, ang daming cc. :)) Kaya lang yung price, parang kalapit na nung fairy drops na di ko pa nabibili dahil di ko sure if maglalabas ako ng 1,500+ for 1 bb, atleast yung sa laneige kahit mahal may refill na (na hindi ko pa din nagagamit) :)) Thanks for sharing this review! :)

Marge said...

yep, yung smart capsule yung may pigment beads na i though lahat ng cc cream ay ganon. yep, this aura kyeme looks like a bb. buti na lang ang ganda nya hahahaha kundi baka na okray ko yan LOL
true, mahal tong sa tfs considering ang laneige eh higher end na brand di ba? oh well, kanya kanyang marketing lamang ^_^
re sa fairy drops, consider this - ang fairy drops walang spf pero wala rin namang white/gray cast pag nagpapa picture yung ibang bb baka may floating white face effect pag yun ang ginamit so test mo muna sa face mo - di naman bawal hahaha - pa makeover ka tas walk around the mall, take a photo with flash then decide after a couple of hours kung 1.) nag white cast during flash photography 2.) kung nag oxidize masyado 3.) oil control ;-) swerte tayo may tester, sa ibang bansa gaya sa states wala daw. ^_^

disqus_qxMlBCwiLj said...

Which do u like better? This one or the laneige bb cushion :)

Marge said...

depends on my need, if my face is not all broken out with hormonal pimples i go for the laneige snow cushion for full on spf and less coverage for a more natural look. if i need more coverage due to hormonal break out i'll have to use something with less spf (bec sunscreens aggravate my zits) and i'll need more coverage then this cc is what i'll use

couchpotato_md said...

thanks marge for this review... i was thinking of getting the nature republic cc just to try the cc trend, pero i might give this one a try because of your review. kinda expensive nga lang... pero i guess okay na rin just to experience for myself what cc cream hype is all about. and i love this kind of packaging, parang si beloved lang. Btw, marge what is the setting powder you used in the completed look, super nice the combination on you?

Marge said...

hi there, i use this for my setting powder.
yes, parang si beloved ito, medyo mas hygienic lang dan the snow bb cushion kasi hindi cushion and has a pump. yep, this cc is expensive :'(

JhoAnne Luna said...

have you tried yung sa tony moly na cc cream din ask ko sana kung how it compares to tony moly :)

Marge said...

yep, i have tried the luminous aura cc cream and reviewed it here

this cc in particular by the face shop that i reviewed on this post is more like a bb cream, the face shop has another variant of this cc cream that is much more like a CC cream (cc creams like the etude house, the nature republic one and the tony moly one).
the capsule variant cc cream has those little pigment beads that when applied to skin (heat) spreads its color.

Raych said...

great review! are you taking photos in the office?! I love the hardwork you put on your blog. seriously. I always see you in events but I'm always shy to say hi. hihi :D

Marge said...

thank you. hopefully next time you could say hi to me ;-)

Wendy Rose Santillan said...

which is better? cc creams or bb creams?? I'm torn between two products! help!

Marge said...

it really depends on your purpose. if you're just in class, cc cream is fine. if you're in the office go for bb creams, if you're gonna go clubbing, then the full on foundation (with no spf) is for you

Deni said...

ok po ta talaga sa combination skin? would you recommend it?

Marge said...

yes, it's good for oily combo skin like me, too ^_^

Pauline Reyes said...

Ha ha ha! What is your beloved item that you mentioned on the “Dislikes” portion of the post? It was intriguing.

~Pauline @

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