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Soon as i got wind of this product, I knew I HAD TO HAVE ONE OR TWO CANS! i know that treseme has had this kind of product since 2010.  other brands that have 'dry' shampoos actually just sell you nice smelling talcum well just get baby powder if that's the case. 
so i had to find out if this dry shampoo tony moly has is just baby powder or what treseme has in the states, is it?
from ebay
TONIMOLY Dry Shampoo Spray  Without Water 60ml  2.0oz
Have you been unable to concentrate on work because of your clumpy bangs?
Have you been panicked when your boy friend is visiting you at the hospital?
There is no problem if you have TONYMOLY Changing U Dry Shampoo Spray!!
Just spray on clumpy, oily hair, and brush off!! Wash your hair quick and easy without water.
Adds volume and texture to hair Extends the life of blow-outs and hair color Ideal for people on-the-go,
frequent travelers, after the gym, patient, busy moms and office desk.
Product Description
- Spray at roots to absorb excess oils.
- Hair Smell fresh go another day.
- Unbelievable texture.
- Great fragrance.
- Portableness Spray.
- Made in Korea
Isobutane, Propane, Alcohol Denat. (SD Alcohol), Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate,
Silica, Isopropyl Myristate, Parfum (Fragrance), Benzyl Benzoate.
- Shake before use.
- Spray from 20cm away.
- Spray throughout hair to absorb oil and odor or just at the roots for volume and texture.
- Spray on scalp on dry hair avoiding face area.
- Brush or work lightly into hair after 2 minutes, brush off the powder.
- Do not spray for more than 3 seconds on same spot.
Use with caution.
- Powders can get on black clothes.
- Do not spray in eye area.
- Do not inhale gas from the spray.
- Do not spray towards fire.
- Do not use around heater, stove, or fire.
- Do not use in the area where any heat or fire is on. - ok wag ka daw mag spray nito pag nagluluto ko sa at malapit ka sa kalan.
sorry all in Hangul
see, all in Hangul
but behold, it's a compressed liquid colloid within the can and NOT just talcum powder! (or worse, corn starch)
so yeah, i admit, i don't shampoo daily, why? i don't use sulfate free shampoos so if i shampoo daily i'll accelerate the thinning of my hair quite significantly.  (don't worry, i ride cabs daily and only take the pub when absolutely necessary) so by the 2nd night (meaning i had shampooed the previous night), my hair roots can get greasy specially if it's really humid. 
and well greasy.
like you know really greasy, thank you manila humidity...NOT.
but after spraying half the contents of the can.
grease-less hair!
and i'm presentable again.

  • smells great
  • it lasts about another 8 hours before my hair goes greasy again
  • doesn't feel sticky even after the effect is gone
  • since it's in a pump aerosol it's cooling on the scalp
  • didn't give me dandruff
  • didn't hurt my scalp
  • didn't give me falling hair
  • didn't dry my hair out 
  • easily shampooed off
  • yes HATE, i hate the pump aerosol gizmo - once you press down and use it is very difficult to stop it from releasing the gas/air inside SO I BUY  a second can and checked it by pressing down a bit, i thought i had stopped the air from coming out but i didn't and when weeks later when i was about to use it again, it had run out of product inside.
  • so it's a one time use only - the treseme is a big can.
  • this is 400 plus for 60 ml - i'd take that price if only the el cheapo pump actually worked.
WILL I REPURCHASE - oh well, yes i will, huhuhu WHY? it's great for events.  because no one should shampoo daily this is the best alternative specially if you have an event and if you do not your hair to look greasy.


missbisckt2002 said...

ohhh... nice.. i've only heard about this things through my friends.. so it really does exist.. but i think it's a bit expensive?

Marge said...

yep, in my opinion the big canisters like the one treseme sells in the states are more for professionals that do hair for models who travel and don't get to shampoo.
while these small ones, that are about 500 a pop are for you and me who need a quick fix. so yeah it's pricey but i'd spend that if i had an event because i truly prefer not to shampoo daily. your alternate is talcum powder which looks like dandruff after about 4 hours in your hair

Scatterbraintures said...

Ok. I never admitted it to people in my non-cyber circles but I also don't shampoo my hair everyday :S

Anyway, have you tried Jonathan Dry Shampoo? It's tinted brown, and it has a brush at the end so you can brush your roots. It might be a little more easy to control compared to an aerosol type spray and you won't get that ashy white powder look

Marge said...

omg I SUPER LOVE JONATHAN - i used to watch his show. i have not tried his dry shampoo yet. thanks for the heads up.
yep, i really don't care what people think that i don't shampoo daily, it won't be those people who'd be living with thinning hair, naman eh.

Scatterbraintures said...

Here's the link of the product pero hindi ko pa nakikita yung black sa watsons, yung brown lang. :S

Marge said...

oh watson's hay, but at least we have watson's here hehehe thanks for the link ♥

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