Sunday, August 4, 2013


Some of you who follow my instagram may know that i attended day 2 of Shu Uemura's 30th anniversary held recently. The event also was their launch for their eyeconic collection.  
It was my opportunity to catch up on Shu Uemura's products, and i'm such a sucker for lippies and blushes!  of course i'd get the sweet pink!
you have the blush and a highlighter in one.
it's pretty warm but can be tempered with the highlighter.
and depending on how the blush is hit by the light it can be very faint and warm to quite cool.
on the cheek it's like a tint which gives me warm glow that lasts all day and does not oxidize!
AND the pièce de résistance! my new lippie, my gangnam pink!
the MPK 376
i felt so lucky that i got to buy the second to the last piece in the country!
I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT, it's almost the exactly the hot pink that U-Kiss uses for their team color.
When one's lippy is this powerfully bold the rest of your face should be subdued, which includes the blush.  I love how sweet pink from the eyeconic collection.  it's a good balance with the gangnam pink.  
the blush

  • the perfect pink tint in powder form 
  • no weird scent
  • lasts all day
  • can be built up
  • the highlighter doesn't make me like a disco ball
  • does not break me out
  • does not oxidize, this is the deal breaker for me, if it goes orangey on me, the blush gets stuck at the back of my drawers and not get used, this one by shu is still in my kikay kit and it's been weeks since the 30th anniv event!
  • takes a little product for a good blush / tint 
  • you can use the highlighter as a highlighter for the top of your nasal bridge and philtrum (cupid's bow)
Dislikes - for the shu and japanese 'quality' price the powder could've been a little creamier to apply - it's on the verge of being a little chalky - application wise, but once on the skin, it isn't chalky.  don't get me wrong it's a great blush and i love the shade, i've just had better applying blush is all.
the lippie:
  • nearly everything!
  • the packaging, the cap is clear so you can see what you have without pulling out the cap
  • the creamy texture in applying the matte shade
  • does not crack and dry up my lips (it's water based)
  • long lasting color, i can eat nearly anything except suckling pig's skin and this will stay on my lips and a healthy looking stain will remain and i don't need to reapply (all i do is reapply the shu hydrability lip balm to even out the stain that's left behind on my lips)
  • no weird scent
  • THE SHADE it's a hot u-kiss gangnam pink, so i had to have it
  • none
so whatchatink!? LOL


Beauty by Tellie said...

SOLD on Gangnam Pink!!! I can't even-

Marge said...

hahaha eggzaklee ^_^

liz carrido said...

How much is the gangnam pink??? I waaant!

Marge said...

it's 1k+ at shu uemura, as far as i know, they've re-stocked ^_^

liz carrido said...

Alright. thank you! ^^

Marge said...

you're welcome ^_^ oh, it's very sale-able ha, because it looks good on any skin shade ;-)

liz carrido said...

talaga? I hope I can pull this off. wahaha. Imma check sa rockwell. soon ^^ sana available pa pagpunta ko. Thanks!

disqus_bWFmL7Y3EL said...

Hello! Thanks for the review! Ask ko lang if anong pinagkaiba nitong Gangnam pink sa NARS Schiap? I'm aiming for the Yoon Eun hye lips! Thank you <3

Marge said...

hi there ^_^
i don't use nars lipsticks so i wouldn't know eh, sorry

Alexis said...

I'm also torn between this and Nars Schiap. Huhuhu. Ang mahal kasi e </3

Marge said...

i'm just not a fan of Nars blushes, they oxidize on me like theBalm blushes do. the korean and japanese blushes don't oxidize on me but the ellana and western branded ones do :'(

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