Sunday, August 4, 2013


Etude House Philippines does it again with another very successful event held recently at The Block, the Princess Academy weekend.  and I was there to witness and take part of day 2!
 what a cute and lovely invitation, neh?
 the stage is set.
 Betsy in the house!
 let the games begin!
photobooth y'all!
the gwiyomi booth! i await for my video! :P
 the Tous Les Jours Philippines crew waiting to serve sweet mirienda for the hundreds that will arrive after lunch!
 and cotton candy!
 make over area!
 and hundreds of girls waited patiently in queue for their turn and get their faces done with the lovely makeup from Etude House
 Ms Andrea speaks about the event.  She thanked everyone for the opportunity of the weekend.  Hosted by the lovely Carla Humphreys.
 This was also my opportunity to have my picture taken with people i was granted the blessing to meet thanks to blogging and of course, Etude House Philippines.
 Etude House House is always keen on providing bloggers with information digitally and on print.  For this, bloggers like me are always grateful.
 my loot! I've got nail patches thanks to the games!  and my favorite toner nearly of all time, the wonder pore freshener that i reviewed here
This event also launches their new products the Bling bling from the Sea line.
makes me wanna paint my nails again!
 and the new minime collection! look at the heads the ribbon, the cap, the crown, the bunny ears and the sunglasses can be removed and you can stick them to the ear phone jack of your cellphones or mp3 players to make them look cute and protect the jack from dust!
 what's a launch without new face products? behold the cotton bb and their cc creams!
 I've reviewed their lovely cc cream here, i have the silky one.
Along with the nail lacquers, the bling bling in the sea line also has a couple of highlighters.  
 proof 10 eye liners, one in midnight blue, that i really really love.
 and in a shimmering chocolate brown!
 they also have cream shadows this one in aqua blue and look, the other end is a sponge shader/puff.
 and this, i can't wait to try this! thank you Etude House Philippines
I always say yes to the crew of Etude House Philippines and Ms Andrea.  Her team always have a happy calm that I can't help but say yes, no matter how busy I am no matter how tired I am.  the one time I had to decline to go was for an event at the BGC.  I draw the line at BGC, Market Market and SM Aura.
But when I do join their events it's always fun and informative.  there was a guest to talk about fashion, what NOT to wear.  I couldn't stay further in to the program because it started to rain heavily and it floods in our area and I got afraid that if I stayed longer I would get stranded.
It was a star-filled weekend for Etude House and I'm loving the blue in this new bling bling in the sea collection, it's royal blue with a tiny tint of aqua, i'm just so loving it! Review on the wonder pore 7in1 corrector soon!  I'm very glad to have met some of the people who follow my blog.  Thank you for coming up to me and having your picture taken with me.  It's an honor to finally meet some of you.  I thank Etude House Philippines, live long and prosper!


Shimmerjjang said...

awesome! sayang i went nung Saturday eh~ ^^

Marge said...

ah, i had to go naman to mega kasi for Alexander's fanparty. so 2nd day ako. the corrector kyeme is interesting ha. may ganyan ang laneige, hehehe medyo mahal nga lang LOL

Shimmerjjang said...

Ah yeah Saturday nga pala yun~! Ako naman kasi I have to do something for work last Sunday, may event for the kids so I was in Ortigas. Then I saw Alexander in front of Megamall, someone interviewing him. I dunno what's he doing there!?! Baka dun sya malapit nag-stay??? hahaha~ tried to get a photo kaya lang pinalayas ako, di daw pwede eh. ay shocks~ T^T I like the wonder pore corrector din! I've been using it, it feels like Garnier's roll on something2x.. I like it! <3

Monica Santos said...

It was nice seeing you :) Buti na lang nakapunta ako kahit 2nd day lang din, kahit super daming tao :))

Marge said...

oh, i've never tried the garnier one, lol, alam mo naman, dedma ko sa garnier LOL. yep, bawal talaga mag pa pic sa kanila, fans na rin may kasalanan, di gaya sa mga western acts dedma lang to the highest level hahaha

Marge said...

honga di naman ko naka stay baka mastranded ko eh, pati i had to get home early baka mamiss ko yung replay ng simply kpop eh si Eli pa yung host nun LOL

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