Thursday, August 15, 2013


I've been wearing this since i bought it and i'm very happy with this bb foundation.
sorry, but the ingredients on the box are in Hangul.
but i found the ingredient list for y'all online: from Cosdna

 and kollectionK
 isn't it cool? it has a little mirror!
but alas, it isn't a pump bottle like one of my beloveds.  what's worse is this paddle spatula thingie.  not too hygienic, noh?
the thick foundation aka bb foundation
and once sort of blended out, you can see that the foundation has very buildable coverage and i deem it moderate to heavy coverage.
the concealer is like a gel/cream substance and it is quite thick
but once blended it's not cakey at all.
the highlighter leans on the pink side
and gives my skin a nice sheen that doesn't make the bridge of my nose look oily at all.
but after a few uses.
the stopper cover thingie started to come off the inner lid. hassle
but all the same i get a matte finish that looks great when i take photos
but not when i have the flash on...yikes sa reflective flash naman di ba?
but when finished and blended out and when not taking pictures, meaning normal lighting, i love this foundation for daily wear.
with flash, so depende parin sa lighting.  kung gabi, madilim, ay well, magrereflect ang flash.
  • for a triple whammy this thing is only 1k! and for 40 grams of worth of product na may highlighter and concealer na, hindi na masama ang price!
  • packaging, of course i'd mention the packaging, it's just too cute may ribbon pa sa lid!
  • comes with a mirror, they call it lunch box because everything's there na daw and clearly it includes the mirror, LOL
  • has a nice scent not overpowering at all - amoy dalaga at hindi amoy matrona hahaha chaaar
  • matte finish, so if you want some dewy dewy kyeme apply the highlighter
  • i like the sorta pink highlighter, it looks natural on me
  • the concealer is not cakey AT ALL when I apply it.  and because it's not cakey, it doesn't make the lines under my eyes look more obvious.  alam mo na yan, some concealers pag di tama ang pagkaka blend, hala don't smile na evaar, otherwise your smile will crack the concealer and will make the lines under your eyes way deeper than they really are.  you don't need to worry about that with the concealer provided with this foundation.
  • does not break me out, no new milla, no black or white heads
  • the foundation does not cake up in the middle of the day
  • in fact it gets better throughout the day, what i mean is the way it absorbs my oils is rather fantastic - look even healthier and glowy as the day wears on.  
  • stays rather matte - oil control is very good 4/5 even 4.5 / 5 (1 meaning no oil control 5 super oil control)
  • easy to remove at the end of the day despite the fact that it's long wearing
  • does not oxidize on my skin
  • does not affect the shade of blush i'm wearing on top of it
  • has some spf
DISLIKES - the silly paddle / spatula thing - but the rational behind that is that it's a thick product so you'd need that to scrape the product from the insides of the bottle.  you would need a wide-girthed pump/hose so as not to block the spout with product. if they insisted on providing a pump with this to be just like the one my beloved has shown below (reviewed here), the thick consistency of the too cool for school bb foundation may end up blocking the spout.
Do I recommend Too Cool for School's After School BB Foundation Lunch Box - yes! i'm sure minalas lang ko sa inner lid thingie na natatanggal, at the end of the day it's the product inside that's what is important.  I recommend this for our girls in the office, college and even high school, because everything is here, your foundation, concealer and highlighter in one nifty cute package.



Hyerin said...

The name is too cute! Lunchbox :3

Clair said...

ooooh. interesting naman yung set:) too bad about the spatula. well, i hope they improve the design of their packaging para di naman hassle yun.

Marge said...

yeh, yung iba namang bb nila keri, usual format packaging hehehe.

Marge said...

hehehe ikr ;-)

Mollygirlmd said...

I have this but it's not matte on my skin - I think I have the other variant. I also have the same problem with the paddle. You'll love their store in Korea - so much cheaper than the prices you've mentioned.

Marge said...

yep, it was their stores in myeoungdong and hongdae that i saw that got me very interested in this brand ;-)
yeh, the paddle sucks

Vanessa Felix said...

Actually, hindi ka minalas dun sa natatanggal na stopper sa lid. Nangyari din sa akin yan. Buti na lang sulit dun sa concealer saka highlighter.

Marge said...

hayst ganon ba? ay sus bad packaging :'(

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