Sunday, August 18, 2013


DISCLAIMER:  Hayan products were sent to me for review and giveaway purposes.  I am not paid with cash or favors for my reviews and giveaways.  
This is finishing / setting powder is in loose form.
 the ingredients are below and its shelf life written on the box
 it comes with its own puff
 and is packaged in a basic loose powder in a shaker jar
 as with all my loose powders, i only peel off the sticker to open just 2 or 3 holes.
 swatchie time
 and true to its variant name, it truly is light and natural skin tone.

  • not reflective when taking pix with the flash on
  • blends easily and creamily (even if it is powder)
  • has some shimmers just enough for a satin silky look but not enough for a disco ball
  • has good oil control about 3.5-4 / 5 (1 - almost no oil control 5 - no need to blot off oil)
  • covers pores well
  • does not cake up my foundation or bb cream
  • does not oxidize
  • does not make the wrinkles under my eyes look deep the way some powders do when they 'set' creamy/liquid concealers
  • does not cake up my current concealer
  • the puff - not great not awful either
  • i'm not a fan of the strong scent the powder has.  my nose is very sensitive to strong scents and this powder has an old woman's perfume kinda scent
This is PhP290 at their stores.  a very decent price for a superior performing powder.
DO I RECOMMEND - yes, i do.  not only is it affordable, it performs well in our weather conditions.  we have humid and hot weather but with this powder my face remains not too oily.


missbisckt2002 said...

ooohh sooo affordable! :D i'm actually in search of face powder~ hehe i'll try this one :))

Marge said...

good luck ;-) it's a pretty good face powder, reminds me of my beloved lunasol face powder a little like the revlon colorstay mineral aqua foundation but much less sparkles ^_^

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