Sunday, August 25, 2013


Thank you Cris Nam of Hayan Korea for this opportunity.  
DISCLAIMER:  I am not being paid in cash by Hayan Korea for this review.  
I am always interested in reviewing  bb creams because our girls often ask me 1.) ate Marge? have you tried this bb cream? 2.) is it cheap? at least now i can answer yes to both questions..
 the ingredients, product description, directions for use, and warnings for this bb cream are below and in english
 i like that it has a shelf life of 2 years once opened specially for someone like me who has a lot of products to try a long shelf life is what i need before i need to throw things out.
it basically says that the bb cream can fit most people
 and the box does say that the shade is natural skin tone.
like any bb cream, it comes out as dark, sorta
 but blends out to a natural shade
 well, it's a little reflective, so when taking photos with this on, do it without the flash, it does, after all has titanium dioxide for some spf
 the box said waterproof, IT DOES say waterproof, i've never had a bb cream actually say waterproof. it should be sorta waterproof, it does have cyclomethicone and dimethicone.  so those not only make the product easy to blend, give a flawless, primed face it also allows for moisture to just slide off. 
 so if you do get splashed you'd just gets beads of water on your face.
i applied the hayan face silky powder that i reviewed here

  • available in the Philippines, kindly inquire at Hayan Korea for franchises near you
  • quite inexpensive for 30g it ranges from PhP350-390 depending on which franchise/reseller you purchase from, so they took the Lioele and Avon route, the direct selling way.
  • looks very natural on me 
  • has a satin to matte finish
  • medium coverage - so if you have dark and deep scars you'll need a concealer if you want to use this bb cream alone
  • lasts all day
  • very good oil control about 4/5 (1-no oil control 5 stays matte all day)
  • does not oxidize, in fact quite the opposite, it gets whiter on my face the longer i have it on? yeah, i've seen other bb creams do that to me.
  • does NOT cake up throughout the day
  • does not break me out
  • good pore coverage - it does have at least two kinds of dimethicones
  • scent - it's very mild not perfumy i like it (unlike the hayan face silky powder that i reviewed here that smells like old lady perfume)
  • takes a little product to cover the entire face
DISLIKES - the box doesn't say what SPF/PA it has, i just know that titanium dioxide is a sunscreen
DO I RECOMMEND - yes, because i know our young ladies will appreciate these factors about this bb cream:
  1. good oil control
  2. inexpensive
  3. adapts to skin shade
  4. a little waterproof
  5. LOOKS NATURAL and our girls always go for the no makeup makeup look.



CJ said...

Ooooooooh nice. That is weird, regarding the oxidation. What other bb creams have you tried that oxidizes to a lighter shade?

kmmyp said...

Gonna buy! Thanks for the review :)
Always come to you

Marge said...

hi there! thanks ^_^

Marge said...

the l'egere multiwhite bb cream one does that to me, too LOL
i reviewed that one, too

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