Monday, September 23, 2013


DISCLAIMER:  THIS WAS GIVEN TO ME AS A GIFT by Holika Holika Philippines - I am not paid in cash to do these reviews.  This blush is available in Manila for PhP645
If you recall i am head over heels in love with holika holika's hello holika chic blush in 01 my dupe for Nars' super orgasm.  So I wanted to try out a different blush by Holika Holika and here we are.
it's in 01 as well.
i like the puff that comes with it. it's similar to the puff lunasol put in with their contrast powder
this one:
and there's a bow, because you know, bow ties are cool! doctor who says so!
and it's a trio!
with a phfftt plastic divider between the puff and the product.
it's more of a satin almost matte finish, not shimmery at all
but that is a highlighter on top and this highlighter does give a pink iridescence 
the pink heart gives a pink tint look blended with the orangey bottom
you get a very natural flush
doesn't make me look like a clown right?
just the right combo of all three shades that does make me look 3d as opposed to flat
  • very mild scent
  • effective puff
  • cute embossed design
  • handy packaging
  • cute tin can packaging
  • looks natural almost fool proof
  • doesn't make the pores on my cheeks look obvious in fact they help make my pores look invisible
  • helps absorb some of my oil, kasi nga satin to matte finish di ba?
  • doesn't rub off as quickly  as some blushes
  • already available in the Philippines at their Fairview Branch for PhP645
  • doesn't break me out
  • is not crazy shimmery more like the nars orgasm (vs the super orgasm)
  • just the fact that apart from that plastic thing, there's nothing else to separate the puff from the product so the product will get your oily gunk if your retouch if you lose or forget to return that plastic film back in between the blush and the puff
RECOMMENDATIONS:  i highly recommend this to our teens, it's cute handy and it's foolproof.  one dip of the puff into the product and you'll get the right amount of product for the right amount of rouge on your cheeks. not too clown-y not too flat ^_^


Kath Rivera said...

Interesting blush. mabuti 5 mins away lang ako sa Holika Holika Sm Fairview. Will visit their store soonest! What products can you recommend sis Marge from Holika2? thanks

Beauty by Tellie said...

Your complexion is so bright *_* I love this color of blush on you, it looks like you just stayed out in the sun!

CJ said...

Cutie!!!! Love the color.

Marge said...

yey try their other awesome blush, too, the chic one ^_^

Marge said...

true and well at least it suits my skin tone ^_^

Marge said...

a fake bake is better lol as I dislike being out in the sun ^_^

♠ aMz88 PunkyBunny ♠ said...

ang sweet ng result <3

Marge said...

true ;-)

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