Sunday, September 15, 2013

K-Palette Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid Glue - D. EYE Y Blogger Event

Disclaimer:  I am not paid in cash by these brands to review or come to their events.  Any reviews I do post are honest and objective.  This new product Retails at Php 695.00 and is now available at the BeautyBar Philippines
A couple of weeks ago, K-palette Philippines released and launched their Real Lasting Mega Cute
K-Palette Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid Glue. and below is the product description and collaterals. 
You can now make your own double eyelid to make your eyes look bigger and more awake with this revolutionary double eyelid glue. No need for surgery! Double eyelid in an instant! Stays the whole day and washable with soap and water!
Safe for the eyes and contains moisturizing ingredients: Peony Extract, Rosemary Essence, Hyaluronic Acid Na and Chamomile Extract.
Comes in Glue type or Tape type.

Y-end is used to check where the crease will be made before glue application
I-end is used to arrange the shape after glue application
Retails at Php 695.00
product description at the back of the product

Glue Type- 01 Pink (Peach Fragrance/ Glue Type)
Best applied before makeup application Best for those with zero double eyelid
Double eyelid stays on even when you blink or close your eyes!

Tape Type- 01 Orange (Orange Fragrance/ Tape Type)
Best applied after makeup application     Best for those who want to “enhance” their double eyelid 
Double eyelid looks natural when you blink or close your eyes!
product description at the back of the product
before the glue is applied
after the glue is applied
and the event was held at Geisha Restaurant at the Bonifacio eww High Street.
there was a demo area
we got to sample furoshiki cloth folding!
to wrap our press kits
i like purple, lavender, and violet hehehe cuz Eli loves purple :P 
but there were other nifty designs for our wrapped press kits ^_^
the instructions are below
and Jess and I got to wrap our press kits along side each other.
i never did like lychee
so i ordered me some coffee
the food served was really good
i didn't skip any of the food served either
including this really pretty salad
and the gyoza
the kebabs, too
the demo began
our MUA demo-trainer of the day, Rina Ugata (in black) and one of the models from K-Palette Singapore 
and Japan
I thank Ms Cheryl Chua for inviting me, it's always a pleasure to be in your events

here's our latest release!
and you can see the difference it makes on obvious mono lids
ey it's Liz!
thank you for the parting gifts
I will try to find someone to try this on
as always BeautyBox Corp provides both hard and soft copies of their press kits.
my thoughts on monolids and these tapes/glues - if a person wants to change their appearance they have can do so.  I am no hypocrite, I altered my appearance with rhinoplasty in 2000, a sort of Y2K gift to myself.  All I wanted was to give the illusion of my eyes being closer together hehehe.  So if people. want to look like they have double lids then they can now do so with this at least temporarily.


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