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DISCLAIMER:  This was given to me for review.  I am not paid with cash for these reviews and my reviews are objective.
From the brand:
"Aya Yasuda, the founder and CEO of Fairydrops Mascara was an anchorwoman at the Major League Baseball on a local TV station in Los Angeles.  She always longed to have the big, photogenic eyes her co-workers seemed to possess.  She often wondered what it was specifically that caused the difference, especially on camera.  One day Aya realized it was the long, upward slopping eyelashes that some newscasters had.  From that day on, she started experimenting, cutting application brushes into all sorts of shapes and sizes, testing each brush to see which shape made her eyes look the biggest on TV.
After months of research and experimenting, the 3-teardrop wand was born.  The wand caught and lifted even the shortest eyelashes, giving her the big, photogenic eyes that she dreamed of for so long.  The results were remarkable, Aya knew she had to share the 3-teardrop wand with other women back in Japan.  She started her own company, AYA INC. in Tokyo.  Now Fairydrops Mascara is sold not only in Japan but also throughout Asia and in U.S. Sephora and is one of the most popular mascaras in the Asia region"

                                             CATCH!!             CURL UP!!          FABULOUS!!!
the wand and brush head
close up view of the brush head
more product description from the brand;
US & Japan patented unique brush
Catches even tiny lashes from the roots between the balls and makes sharp triangle bunches! Pushes lashes up, making beautiful CURLS!!!  NO Clump!!!
Product Description:
  • 5 Kinds of Treatment Essence
  • Collagen, Squalane Oil, Hyaluronate, Jojoba Oil, Panthenol
  • Curl Keep Wax
  • Volume Up Wax
  • Extra Curl
  • Curl Keep polymer
  • Platinum Black
  • Glossy Platinum Black
  • Film Type
  • Water resistant; washable with soap and water
  • All day smudge proof
  • Good for lash extension; No damage for lashes
  • than the Platinum Mascara Film Type (Old Version)
from ebay
1. Curl Up Performance
     - with special curved "fairy-drop" sharped brush, rich films and curl up polymers double the curl keeping performance
2. Long Performance     - rich of fibers allows an extra lengthening finish
3. Treatment Ingredients
     - contains 5 kinds of treatment ingredients for eyelash nourishment, includes collagen, squalene, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and panthenol
4. Easy Cleansing      - the water-resistant "film-type" mascara liquid can be easily removed by lukewarm water, or eye makeup remover.
5. Deep Glossy Black     - it gives you a deep glossy (platinum) black finish

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Film Type T2 contains 5 kinds of beauty essence which provides long & curl, the brush is pretty cool with “3 little fat cheeks to ensures perfect contact with every lash for long and curly, no clump eyelash look. Water-proof formula works to resist water, sweat and sebum. Long-lasting wear is guaranteed. 
*We have used our best efforts to accurately display the colors of the products, however the actual color you see will depend on your monitor and may not be accurate.

how to use it
1. Comb eyelashes with eyelash brush. Curl up eyelashes with lash curler.
2. Take out the mascara brush. Let the eyelashes be bitten between the balls at the roots and brush upward for a curl.
3. Clean up brush or container and keep tightly closed after use.
4. Remove with cleansing oil.

• 【Hydrolyzed Collagen】acts as a humectant.
• 【Squalane】softens, moisturizes and hydrates.
• 【Sodium Hyaluronate】strongly hydrates.
• 【Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil】nourishes and hydrates.
• 【Panthenol】helps eyelashes retain moisture, adding volume and reducing split-ends. 

Retails for Php 1195 at the beauty bar philippines
brought to us by beautybox corp
product description
ingredients - please click on the picture to enlarge it.
the convex side
the concave side
my lashes in front of an eyelid already with eye shadow without the mascara yet
below-my lashes with the T2 platinum mascara
my lashes going up in the ... my eye lid hahaha
my review
you guys know i love fiber wigs right? and you guys know how i need fiber wigs hahaha.  i'm too lazy to to put on falsies so fiber wigs are my only way to even look i have lashes. so i always take advantage of fiber containing mascaras like these.
  • no weird scent
  • formula not too thick not too watery thin
  • applies evenly and smoothly even with the weird applicator brush
  • doesn't sting my eye
  • doesn't flake into my eye
  • doesn't melt or smear into my eye or the sides of my eye
  • is lasting
  • keeps the curl 
  • which means it's not heavy on my lashes
  • if applied well - the fibers do lengthen my lashes
  • if applied well - the fibers do volumize my lashes 
  • fibers do not fall off my lashes throughout the day
NEUTRAL - the price - the usual, it's a japanese product, anything japanese is expensive
  • for the life of me i can't seem to make the wand/brush head to my advantage, so i do NOT like this brush type for me the best types of applicators for fiber wigs like the below: 
    these kinds of comb applicators evenly distributes the fibers of the mascaras.  what happens to me with fairydrops' t2 platinum mascara brush head is that the fibers can sometimes go all over the place. so some fibers get applied diagonally or not aligned with my lashes.  but at least the fibers don't tend to stick IN to my eyes.
Certainly there are much cheaper mascaras, but fiber wigs can go a little pricier.  What I can say about this mascara is that albeit a fiber wig, it looks very natural which i really like.  where as the hello kitty and majolica majorca can look too fabricated, (yes, i mean look fake but not a false lash) specially if you already have long lashes.  So if you have the budget then I would advise you to try this mascara by fairydrops. ;-)


Lindy Rose said...

Would you say this mascara is better compared to others in making long voluminous lashes? Wanna try that out! The brush looks so unique and fancy :-O
(new follower here hehe)

xoxo, Lindy

Marge said...

hello Lindy:
if applied correctly it should volumize quite well since it is a fiber wig.
the packaging looks fancy, too, ;-)
thank you for visiting my blog ^_^

Beauty by Tellie said...

I still can't find the best fiberwig I've EVER tried! This looks nice enough, but I'm holding back on the Fairy Drops fad because they're a little expensive :(

Marge said...

ah well, for me the best fiberwig is still MM's lash expander frame plus,
fairydrops, a fad? hehehe maybe in Japan LOL, but my twitter friend, pinkiecharm, in the states likes fairydrops a great deal hehehe

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