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Thanks to Watsons Philippines and the opportunity to review items that won the Watson's Philippines Health, Wellness, and Beauty Awards, 2013 i was able to come back to this mascara.  This is a limited edition mascara similar to the Maybelline Hello Kitty Volum' Express Mascara, so sometimes the pulse perfection is there sometimes it's not. 
 instructions how to use have diagrams
 and instructions do say in English, to peel off
 as shown in diagram 1 and 2 - so YES! the wand will vibrate if you press correctly on the button at the handle of the wand.
and you can change the battery, too.  which kinda negates the 6-months-opened-then throw-away-mascaras rule, but i suppose you can keep the wand and use it on other maybelline mascaras that have the same size openings to their tubes.
 the ingredients.
 weow this wand! the design looks like it can de-clump and comb through any bundle of lashes that can't let go of each other!
 and for a while it did (like de-clump and made sure my lashes were separate).
emphasis on a while. below is a picture of my lashes after a month using this mascara on and off...meaning it's been a month since i've opened this particular mascara:
however, like i always say, unless the formula of your mascara is really monkey-balls awful, it truly, in my case, not the mascara's fault when lashes end up looking clumpy.  (my) lashes stick together to begin with. (my) lashes don't grow like hair implants on guys. (my) lashes don't grow in an exact row.  (my) lashes grow in patches together so when curled they either clump together or spread apart.  so the clumping, at least for me, starts at the roots, emphasized by curling, further emphasized by mascara...GIVEN THAT, it should soften the blow on what i have to say on this mascara.

  • no weird plasticy-rubbery scent
  • no brainer instructions/diagram easy to follow instructions
  • doesn't irritate my eyes
  • doesn't flake off
  • doesn't smear off
  • doesn't cause panda eyes by the end of the day, so it doesn't melt off to the side of my eyes
  • holds the curl all day
  • doesn't weigh down my lashes
  • really really black formula
  • really effective brush applicator by itself (NOT vibrating)
  • doesn't cause falling 'hair' on my lashes
  • not as expensive as other mascaras even if it is essentially from Japan.
  • was/is available even in THE Philippines
  • the vibrating wand - it was just superfluous and made the application of the mascara become even more clumpy
  • as the formula becomes thicker as time goes on - and yes, i do cap and twist my mascaras tightly back - it has begun to make my lashes look lumpy even with just one coat
RECOMMENDATION - if anyone else in my readership who actually has this, do keep the wand clean it off, remove the battery and use the wand on your other favorite mascaras ;-)
QUESTION: Will I purchase this again if it suddenly pops up on the shelves? nope, i'd rather buy another hello kitty volum' express ;-) the formula's stability on that one lasted longer than this pulse 'perfection' mascara.


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