Monday, September 16, 2013


DISCLAIMER: i purchased this with my own money it's less than PhP500 available in the Philippines at the Tony Moly stores and stalls.  and yes, i have nothing to do with how tattoo is spelled on the product and on the box hehehe.  of course i'd poke fun at that! homaygahdh
 directions and ingredients
 caution don't eat and keep out of your eyes and nosy kids' hands
 nice and pointed and not too long for it to become flimsy
 swatchy time, i have the #2

 and it doesn't slide off
and can't be smeared off
 my brows before application
 after application, the first day
 the left has no product, while the right brow has the product
 after 5 days
 after 5 days and me without makeup
 with all the foundation and makeup it looks just right and not too light brown
  • handy - not too long so i can bring this anywhere
  • relatively inexpensive compared to its japanese counterpart
  • not messy to use
  • takes a little product for a rather pigmented filling of the brows
  • it does last a llllllllllllloooooooooooooonnnnggg time, may not be an entire 7 days, with the natural skin shedding, any person's brow with this henna will look patchy in about 5days, but hey, that's an entire work week! so this will save you time in your makeup regime when you've applied it already.
  • no weird scent
  • didn't irritate the skin on my brow area or dry out my skin or brows
  • doesn't flake off, depending on how your skin sheds, this should not flake off
  • the brush tip is very fine and does well in filling in the bald patches in my brows
  • is waterproof
  • doesn't smear off
  • doesn't smudge off 
  • looks natural, at least on me, with or without makeup
  • NONE! - except for the spelling of tattoo? none hahaha
DO I RECOMMEND? definitely, it's really good on one's budget, it's less expensive, you only need to apply every 5-6 days so it will stay a long time in your kit
WILL I REPURCHASE: most likely!


Liz Carrido said...

Ohhh imma grab this one too. Haha naghhanap ako ng long lasting brow product. Tipid to ah. Time and money and effort xp thanks for the review ms. Marge. As always ♥

Hyerin said...

Sayang! I ran out of my Lioele auto eyebrow and I was supposed to buy this a while ago in Watsons Greenhills but it's out of stock. It looks like a cheaper alternative to K-pallette's one. I bought the auto eyebrow from The Faceshop instead.

Marge said...

honga pala may tony moly stall dun ^_^
yeah, this one's a keeper, too. i think i have the tfs one somewhere LOL

Marge said...

true, mura na tipid pa hahaha
thanks for reading my blog posts.

Liz Carrido said...

Ofc. Super informative and helpful ^^ never get tired pls. Hehe tnx ♥

Marge said...

thanks ^_^

Beauty by Tellie said...

I don't know how to feel about this. I dont think it's unhygeinic naman since its waterproof-ness lets you wash your face, but I'm freaked out by a 5 or 7 day staying power!

Marge said...

it's henna tattoo that's basically it.

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