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DISCLAIMER:  This was sent to me for review.  Be that as it may, I will do my best to give the facts and recommendations straight.
 our f(x) girls are the faces for this new iteration of Etude's bb
a how to:
the promises:
 product description
 and more collaterals.
my review:
Some of you who do really and ACTUALLY read my blog AND follow my instagram know that for a while now NOTHING has bumped off my beloved snow bb cushion from the TOP of my best list AND most specially my travel kit (as in to different countries-because i'm too lazy to apply a  separate sunscreen then foundation when i'm in a different country so i use a bb cream or foundation with high spf and just use touch up powder with spf).
BUT that doesn't mean i'm no longer willing to try other brands to match, do better, or flat out fail in comparison to my beloved bb cushion.
So here's my most recent trek out of my beloved's comfort zone.  keep in mind that both of these two brands are from amore pacific, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're made in the same factory or have the exact same ingredients, but it's possible.
So this one from Etude House is packaged similarly to all the bb cushion iterations out in the market.
and here's the pinker iteration of the product.
has the same lid
same BLUE rubber sponge puff
same watery consistency
same look.
by the way i got this from shannon chow's blog.  below are the instructions on how to wash the sponge.
if ever you are in a country that do sell the refills, yes this too, like my beloved has refills, got this from shannon chow's blog, too.
so what it looks like, well it looks like my skin! woot!
 gives the same glowy-satiny- finish that makes me look healthy
comes in three (3) shades and w13 is for the light / fair skin tones like my skin is and there is a shade for our ladies with warmer and deeper skin tones.
product description
up close
precautions and ingredients
photo taken with no flash
with flash - ahihihih eeeps here's the DIFFERENCE - this one is reflection compared to my beloved
but most of you don't take selca's anyway well i hope so? so the reflective quality should only be there to protect you from the sun and not pis$ you off when you look at your pix.
i like this, I have an alternate to my beloved when it runs out ;-)
yeh i've been wearing this for 6 days straight ahihihihi so even if i was featuring other products i was wearing this bb cushion

  • the scent - it's like the usual precious minerals scent but a little more mild than the bb or the sun bb so i like it
  • the shade match it's almost invisible but gives ...
  • coverage - which is actually medium to sorta buildable but not scary full coverage
  • you can - just like my beloved, still see your skin, so in that way it's still a bb and not too much a foundation
  • doesn't feel heavy on the skin
  • matte to satin finish
  • doesn't feel sticky
  • isn't cakey
  • has NOT lo and behold broken me out.  usually for etude house, it's a hit or miss with me with breaking out, the bbdation didn't break me out, the sun bb did, the old precious minerals bb cream after a while gave me black heads but this any cushion so far has not broken me out 
  • lasts all day
  • does not oxidize - once again, it's a hit or miss for me with this aspect, sun bb oxidizes, the precious mineral old version didn't oxidize, the bbdation only sorta oxidized this any cushion does not oxidize on me
  • does not affect the shade of finishing powder and blushes on my skin with this any cushion underneath
  • high spf (BUT i haven't tested this if it really works, the sun bb doesn't work and i tanned when i went to corregidor when i only wore the sun bb during that day tour)
  • needless to say i love the sponge puff as i always do with these puffs, they just apply the product very well
  • packaging - well it's your basic cushion bb packaging so you can squeeze out the last of the 15g of the bb cream out of the sponge IN the compact by taking out the sponge- (compared to usual bb tubes wherein you have to cut through the plastic tubes to get to the last drops of the bb cream) - in filipino - at least sa packaging na ito - ma-sisimot/piga mo yung pinka last drop ng bb cream, di gaya ng pag asa tube yung bb, eh kelangan pang gupitin yung tube para makuha mo yung last drop.
  • oil control - so so, an average 3/5 (1 = no oil control 5 = almost no need to blot oil from my nose) that is as much "sebum control" it gives me
  • NOT AS DIFFICULT to remove from my face as my beloved
  • not drying at all
  • the price it's competitive to my beloved (beloved is php1600 with a refill) any cushion is php998 without a refill.  ha paano? php998 sya kasi walang refill so you paid for the packaging.  so by no means that the refill with my beloved is free, let's get real.  since the refill is not a full compact, think of it as only being around php600, gets? THE REFILL IS NOT (YET) AVAILABLE HERE - it's us$9.37
  • people have told me that this can be used for touch ups - i haven't tried that.  i use a high spf powder for my touch ups
  • am not feeling the cooling effect - maybe i'm too cold? LOL
  • the sponge is hard to clean hehehe just like beloved's sponge
sooooo - the question some of you will ask - have i become a turn-coat? let's just say i'm glad to have this as my back up in my travel kit!


Jasmin said...

Nice review. Have tried to swatch this medyo hindi nga lang well matched yung shades nila sa skintone ko. But I think EH fans will love this kind of bb product. I kinda like the scent of it also. ;)

Anyhow I'm now using my Laneige bb cushion refill, nakakainis lang ang bilis masira nung blue sponge(refill) nagcrack agad sya hanggang sa sira sira na agad, wala pang 1month ko ginagamit. so disappointing, di pa man din ako makahanap ng ganung sponge. :(

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

thanks for the review ate marge!! looking young and radiant po ^^

Marge said...

awww thanks ^_^

Marge said...

parang naoorder yun sa online - yung sponge, pero oo, kaya dinagdag ko na rin sa post na ito paano labhan yun. try mo nga sa the face shop or etude house kung nagbebenta sila ng ganyang spongha.

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