Monday, September 9, 2013


DISCLAIMER:  I received Holika Holika products as gifts and for me to try.  I am not paid in cash for these reviews.  I am also not expected to give only positive reviews just because I get these products for free.
So Holika Holika Philippines opened up shop about two weeks ago at SM Fairview but i couldn't go because i had work and SM fairview is just too far for me.  But here we are.  They had asked me what product i wanted.  naturally, as a michelle phan follower, after her tweet and her favorites video, she mentioned that she really liked this aqua petit jelly bb.  so i got curious about this product.  so i took this opportunity to try this product.  this product, by the way, retails for PhP755.
The product comes with a sponge.
read the warning, just in case you have allergies or tempted to eat it.
product description with ingredientS like you know, plural hehehe
is it a foundation? is it a bb cream? it's a combination of both with a gelatinous consistency!
I suggest to use a moistened sponge, otherwise you'll get a lot of product wastage because the sponge sucked up all your bb jelly.
what it looks like, so it isn't as watery as foundations, but isn't as sticky creamy as real bb creams
so yeah, that's the coverage, it's pretty amazing and gives this airbrushed finished
an almost barely there coverage that looks like a veil, reminds me of my beloved lunasol modeling water liquid foundation
this aqua petit jelly bb is as reflective as my beloved lunasol modeling water liquid foundation as well
photo taken below is taken without the flash on
and with the flash on :'( soooo this isn't the best thing to wear if you're gonna go out and party and have loads of pics taken at the party.
ok i must confess, just like what's her name, i'm a great big fan of this really affordable bb cream.
  • airbrushed finish!!!!!
  • the #2 shade fits me very well
  • really lovely scent that doesn't overpower me or make me sneeze, it's perfumy but not too strong, quite faint for the normal nose (i'm half she-wolf, ask my office mates, i can smell stuff they smell like 10mins later)
  • consistency, it's really to spread and blend, does not leave puddles of product in my pores
  • coverage is medium to heavy i hardly need concealer
  • lasts all day
  • oil control is very good about 4/5 (1 is no oil control 5 is almost no oil blotting)
  • does NOT oxidize
  • does not break me out, is not itchy and doesn't sting my eye
  • does not cake up around and in the wrinkles of my eyes
  • good pore coverage
  • does not melt on the rims of my glasses
  • does not slide off when i do blot some oil off my nose
  • easy to remove from my face
  • which also means the sponge was easy to clean
  • PhP755 for 40ml of product - so if wanna try my beloved lunasol? you can try this cheaper alternative.
NEUTRAL - for that much amount of reflectiveness we only have spf 20

  • the glass container - i always complain about glass containers either from revlon colorstay, to lunasol if other brands can use plastic bottles that are a lot less easy to break and cut your hands
  • no pump - you know i dislike these spatula things, it makes me use the back of my hand, makes me wanna have those acrylic palettes which just leads to product wastage rather than have a pump for hygienic and product saving purposes 
so whatchatink? yea or nay?


Majorie Zoleta said...

I'd love to try this! I haven't tried any Holika Holika products yet but this looks really good :) Thank you for this review ^____^ That shade really fits your skin tone ♥


Mayla Lagrimas said...

Like it too kaso low SPF nya good for indoor lang, looks good on you perfect for your skin.. <3 ;)

Karen Rodriguez Alcantara said...

yaaaay!! :) will buy this na.. been waiting for your review ms.marge! :)
Thank you!

Marge said...

good luck, yes, it's very much indeed the cheap version of my beloved lunasol foundation <3

Marge said...

thanks... yeh medyo low spf nga kelangan pa ng sun screen sa ilalim eh ang bongang tamad ko kaya sa ganon. hahaha

Marge said...

thanks! holika holika is a good brand with really good products ^_^

Beauty by Tellie said...

OMG. Temptation, move away!!!!

Marge said...

ahihihi there's now a cc cream of this, too! LOL

Marge said...

yep, for oil control it's pretty good. some of the holika holika products are on lazada na ;-)
just don't know about the shade variety for face products though :'(

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