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DISCLAIMER:  i purchased this with my own money while i was in Seoul last April.  I am grateful though, for the 20% event discount that was going on during the Tony Moly JYJ event.
The directions are at least in English.
 so is the rest of the product description
so are the ingredients
NOW this is a cc cream, it comes out white first
but once blended out, the tiny pigment capsules blend out to give a nice nc20-nc15 shade
it's SKW35000, so it's around PhP1400++ (without shipping fee) so expect this to be more expensive if you're going to buy this in Manila or through an online seller.
HOWEVER, compared to the last 2 cc creams I've tried from Tony Moly, I conclude that I like this one best.  
it's not as flash reflective, yet has some coverage!
as you can see. i'm quite happy
well it is reflective, but i can live with it.  i won't use this for events anyway.
  • I'm a big fan of the scent - very mild and lady like (so yeah, not matronly at all)
  • very easy to blend out
  • doesn't break me out - hopefully so, it does after all, have snail essence in it
  • does not oxidize too much
  • has decent oil control about 2.5-3 /5 (1=no oil control 5= almost no need to blot the oil out from your nose)
  • has spf 50 and pa of +++ - beri good! LOL but at least not too much of the johnny depp as tonto look when applied.
  • has so so coverage, but isn't enough for my zit scars, but ok enough for my dark under eyes .  so it's like bb cream but more on skin care, the way cc creams are supposed to be.  
  • more natural looking on me than the most recent tony moly cc cream i reviewed
  • shade works on my skin better than the nature republic cc cream i reviewed
  • has good pore coverage and doesn't cake up to me the puddles of cc cream in my pores
  • doesn't cake up throughout the day either
  • doesn't affect the color / shade of blush i used that day - doesn't oxidize the blush i use
  • it's slightly reflective sure, but i can pull this off because the floating white head only appears when the flash is turned on and not under normal lighting unlike the aura cooling cushion cc cream
  • packaging - as much as i like the decent pump, i will not be able to fully maximize the content of the cc cream since it's a hard plastic and i can't cut through to scrape off the last of the cc cream inside
RECOMMENDATIONS - minus my penchant for anything snail, i highly recommend this cc cream among all the tony moly cc creams i've tried.  pictures don't lie.  i've tried the luminous aura cc cream which isn't really great to use by itself, and it's being taught/demoed to be used as a base anyway. i've tried the aura cooling cushion cc cream and it just didn't work out for me.  i could use it now, i guess, anyway it's Halloween, right? i can go as the grudge girl. hehehe
But wait ate Marge - what's the difference between this  and Tony Moly Intense repair live snail bb cream - well there are several differences:
  1. the spf the bb cream only has spf 45
  2. the bb cream has a way thicker formula 
  3. has a heavier coverage
  4. has, in my opinion better packaging since it's a tube that i can cut through so i can scrape the last bit of bb cream inside.
  5. the bb cream has a stronger citrus-y scent that may put off some people
but why take my word for it, go to the nearest tony moly store and check out the testers!


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