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DISCLAIMER: This was sent for me to review.  This product is available at Tony Moly Philippines for PhP1078.
Product collateral.
the gas laws
Ok how bout we review the gas laws here?
When pressure goes up, volume goes down. When volume goes up, pressure goes down. 
As the volume goes up, the temperature also goes up, and vice-versa. Meaning if you increase the temperature as in if you contain a certain volume of a substance.
This law states that the pressure of a given amount of gas held at constant volume is directly proportional to the Kelvin temperature.
So why even go there ate Marge? - eh cooling daw eh.  I just wanna put it out there that it's simple high school science as to why the product is cool to the touch when it first comes out of its vacuum sealed / aerosol-ized spray can. 
and here we are for the review:

I got it in 01 and the directions are below
the ingredients:
and the usual care/precautions in using a topical product
it lasts for a year once first sprayed, unless of course you forget to pull up the lever and let the propellant out (ahem ahem, tony moly dry shampoo)
the puff, i love these rubber puff thingiez :P
and you can remove it so you can wash it
while the puff is in the wash you can simply pump out the product directly in the palm of your hand and spread the product on your face like normal 
what the cc cream looks like
and after it has been spread.
what it looks like through the sponge
no flash, hayst chin chun su much?
behold ghostly white
yes, i can now channel johnny depp's tonto now
even with no flash i look like the tile on the wall
and if i'm not fast enough
i don't get to blend out well and instead of getting the usual smooth, glowing skin you people see when you see me, i get puddles of foundation on my pores and cakey patches on my cheeks.
but on a good day, with the sponge, i can make it work
i'm really not a big fan of watery products that dries up too quickly, the reason why i still love my revlon colorstay that was watery and dried up quickly, too.  but that had a little more dimethicone in it to allow me a little time to blend out (remember for those who don't / can't relate, i live in a tropical climate with a lot of humidity so colorstay doesn't dry too quickly on me).

  • high SPF 
  • lovely scent that isn't over powering
  • doesn't oxidize too much
  • no harsh violent skin reaction like a rash or reddening 
  • it is cooling on initial contact to the skin
  • the sun screen used - it's too reflective
  • i think it gave me zits, small ones, zits none the less
  • dries too quickly
  • which makes it hard to blend out
  • it's 1k, which means there are other products out there for me for less or the same price but not the hassle this one product brings me
Sadly, I'm not impressed with this product, i don't like the chin chun su finish.  I'm finding it difficult to work with and since it's an aerosol i definitely can't fly with this.
If you have the patience, i suppose you can warm this long enough between your fingers so you can spread it well, but that kinda defeats the purpose of the cooling thing.


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