Sunday, November 3, 2013


Last week I had the pleasure of being able to join a small gathering of bloggers for a brow date.  I was late and i got lost trying to walk to where the venue is.  LOL as though i can beam myself onto the venue?  So I get there and the lecture had already begun.  The topic of the lecture was how to get the appropriate brows for your face. ^_^  There are lots of lessons on that topic on youtube and we all have our sensibilities what looks good for your brows.  What I will write about is my experience at wink when they removed some of my eye brow hair.
Below is one of the rooms where you get your treatment, either facial hair removal or body hair removal, quite modern and nifty wouldn't you say?
the counter where the clinicians keep things tidy and organized.
and below is what they use for hair removal
my brows all 'disheveled'
and the process begins
the heat is tolerable in my opinion
well, was there a change?
after which my brows get made up by Liz of project vanity herself! 
a with and without eyebrow makeup pic
and the after LOL, ummm a tad too thick even for Japanese/Korean standards but it washes off hehehe
oh yeah the lecturer/trainer is from makeup factory, there, right behind me. LOL
The Experience:
The overall experience was pleasant.  I'm writing this one week after the event, yet i've very minimal hair growth from where they removed some of my brow, almost none, actually.  The staff and the owner are very friendly and accommodating.  and lastly, the services are not that expensive at all.  compared to other hair removal salons.
Of course some will argue, teh Marge you've very little (few) hair anyway, but the thing is I still shave my brows at least once a week.  I'm please to report that I do think that the wax off got to the root of my brow hairs that are not part of the.
I think I will come back here for under arm hair removal, they've got laser treatments too.  yes, i've got very little (few) armpit hair but i wanna rid it of goose bumps ^_^
 i'm glad i went.  it took away a great deal of stress to talk to Donna, Liz and Martha.  It was fun and the rest i needed away from office life.
check out Wink Laser & Wax Studio's fb page for more information ^_^


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