Wednesday, November 6, 2013


the two things i love in one! blush and lunasol, what's not to love?  i bought it at lotte world in Seoul so even a third thing about it i love about this.  and another thing about it i got it nearly at half off!
Lunasol is my favorite Japanese brand, it's classy, it's not loud, it's expensive, yes, but i feel much prettier when I have lunasol on my face LOL.  it comes with their usual wonderful animal hair brush.  and let me tell you, it's only this brush that has worked to apply the blush correctly and beautifully on my cheeks.
This is their limited edition blush.  a combination of pink and orange colors.
and it's packaged the way benefit cosmetics packages their blushes, in a carton box.
but it's it's still 6 grams worth of product.
and it's a combo of what i think to be Nars' Orgasm and Nars' Angelika and if you swirl the brush
If you're like me who prefers pink over orange then you can layer on the pink more, or if you have the kind of skin that isn't mine, like if you have warmer toned skin you can use the orange more and use the pink as a tad highlighter.
i like how natural it can be or flushed on a another day.
As always, Lunasol name aside, i prefer this blush (and holika holika's) more than theBalm's Hot Mama,  Nars' Orgasm and Nars' Angelika just because Lunasol blushes (and holika holika's) do not oxidize on me.  they stay pink or as orange as you first applied them in the morning.  theBalm's Hot Mama that becomes a bronzer on me after 3 hours! and therefore i look muddy yet shiny at the same time.  a look that i do not like on me.
As with all limited edition blushes, this, too, by Lunasol is very difficult to find now if at all.  So naturally, i grabbed my chance when I was at lotte world in Seoul when i saw this beautiful baby.  it was only us$20 when i found this at Lotte World.  it was already a couple of seasons old so Lotte World was getting rid of stock, so this blush was on 40% off sale.  so yeah, not only was it on sale it wasn't brought in to Manila so i grabbed it and i'm glad i did!
Like all Lunasol makeup, this blush has finely milled powder and application is really smooth and flawless, not to mention fool proof.  Many blushes apply as chunks, and more so have really poor color payoff.  Many more don't last on skin specially if the wearer is in a tropical and humid climate such as i am.
So yes, this blush:
  • does not oxidize on me
  • lasts on my skin 
  • does not break me out
  • has a wonderful smooth and iridescent glow (not shimmer) which does give justice to the name of the blush
  • does not have a scent, but the box does smell nice (but remember i'm part cat so i like the smell of boxes, paper and books LOL)
  • takes a few swipes for a good blush
  • is very finely milled for an awesomely smooth application! i just love lunasol quality, it's really tough to beat! 
I've got a few more lunasol items i haven't shared on my blog, if only i can convey how rich and creamy their powders are you would know why i save up for the premium price this brand costs! LOL


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