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DISCLAIMER:  As a partner blogger for the Sample Room I get products for review.  ZA Cosmetics' Perfect Solution Moisturizer and Collagen Cream was sent to me for review.  I will try to be as objective as I can and give you links to read on regarding collagen creams.
Below is a check list for your skin, see if you can answer these truthfully ;-)
Below is the moisturizer.
The description of the ingredients they've incorporated in the moisturizer and this perfect solution line are below.
What the r&d people at ZA Cosmetics have incorporated in their product, the intensive triangle technology.

Product promises.
and directions and precautions
Product description
and the ingredients are below.
i think that the opening of the bottle is such to control the outpouring product.
the product itself is watery.  like a serum.  which i like for the humid and tropical climate we have.  This gets absorbed pretty quickly on my face.
And the star of the perfect solution skin care line, the collagen cream!
The product description is below.  It claims to have 7 trillion collagen capsules in one 49g jar!
Quite a crazy number don't you think?
So let's see the real deal, shall we?
The box has loads of information and is in English
the ingredients are below...tsk, the collagen is the 19th ingredient in the list.  and as you know ingredients are always listed and sorted from the ingredient with having the highest content to the lowest
What it the pot of cream looks like.
and it's pretty thick, too
but gets absorbed after about 5 minutes, unlike some creams that can sit on your face and make your skin feel icky and heavy.  this one from za cosmetics didn't do that to me, considering i have oily skin, this didn't float up on my oil and skin LOL.
it just made me look like i had just washed my face, see?
Please see the table below for the prices and description.  ZA Cosmetics is available in selected department stores.
My Thoughts:
As a tandem product, they both worked well in providing my skin with plenty of moisture without making me look like I have an oil slick on my face.  That's always one of my pet peeves and what turns off most people, women and men alike.  The other thing about creams that turns me off is when the skin care cream make me oily after 3 hours and ends up making my foundation slide off my face or cake it up.  These two from za cosmetics didn't do that.
I can't say thought that the collagen was completely light on my skin, but at least it wasn't heavy either.  it made applying my cc cream and foundation quite easy so the dimethicones in the collagen cream made it to be a good primer for my foundation.
But in so far as making my wrinkles go away, well, i really don't have much wrinkles to iron out yet.
The collagen promise.  guys, girls, always google and do your homework.  don't be like me, don't spend thousands of pesos because collagen is the in thing to drink in Asia since 2012.  On that note:
Please see the excerpt below from about Collagen creams:
"Collagen is a large molecule, it does not penetrate the skin but stays idly on top of it, only to be washed off during your next shower. Traditional collagen creams are not entirely useless because collagen can hold moisture and makes a decent moisturizer. But do not expect these creams to strengthen your skin."
You may also refer to two other articles on that site 
Collagen is a protein, a big one at that, so it won't go through your skin to refill the lost collagen in your skin. Which is what the draw or the premise of these collagen creams is.   It's why there's a lot of other ingredients in collagen creams to actually make your skin look good while you have it on. 
Below is an excerpt from How Stuff Works:
"Collagen creams can help improve the firmness and texture of your skin in the short term, but the overall goal is to stimulate your body's ability to increase collagen production [source:American Academy of Dermatology]. While creams can give your skin a healthy glow, however, there's no guarantee they will make you look like you're 20 again."
 A lot of what we read online from bloggers and e-zines are simply anecdotal, meaning it was and is good on their faces.  Anecdotal meaning not from a serious double blind study on the product's effectivity on x number of patients.
So I will give my anecdotal experience on this product and admit this collagen cream is very good on my face.  I suspect that my mom will love this collagen cream a LOT!  
BOTTOM LINE:  Do I recommend this? YES, frankly, i do.  FORGET about the collagen blah blah, by itself it's an honest to goodness moisturizer and night cream.  and this line is not pricey at that!  the price for the collagen cream is very competitive to western brands and it takes very little product to moisturize my entire face.  For the price these two products are worth the try. 


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