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DISCLAIMER:  I bought this with my own money when I went to Myeongdong, Seoul.  This is SKW35000 SRP which is roughly PhP1500, so expect an additional 300-400 pesos once this is available here. Keep in mind the padding is for the mall rent and the fact that you yourself didn't go to Seoul.
The Laneige SA recommended the pure beige shade on me.  There are TWO as in 2 shades, this is the "darker" of the two.  The brighter one has a pink hue.
The product insert.  Sadly, neither the box, the product insert or the internet does not list the ingredients used in this product.
I've been using this cc cream for about 2 weeks now as a base.  Granted i've used the cc cream with really good foundations, but I do believe that the cc cream has extended the wear of the foundations if not made the effect of each foundation look better.
it certainly made the snow crystal foundation last much longer on my face.
and made something as full coverage as my shiseido perfect redefining foundation look more natural and i do not look too madeup just well polished.
it has spf36 and a rather flimsy pa of + only.
at least it has a pump that works well! the last time i had a pump that looks exactly this one, i lambasted the heck out of it here
 What it looks like, like tinted moisturizer. it's unlike the other cc creams i've tried where in you get beads of pigment that melt and spread out.  that fleshy cream is the cc cream ;-)
 once blended, it has an iridescent quality to it.  
 so if i felt like it, i can just wear this as it gives my face a soft, airbrushed and iridescent finish .
This cc cream in my opinion is one of those cc creams that is just right smack in the middle of being a cc cream, a tinted moisturizer and a bb cream.  the others are lean too much on the bb / foundation side while some are just too much into being a moisturizer, a lightly tinted moisturizer.  But this one from Laneige is just
The CC cream itself:
  • it's claims and feels water based so it's not greasy at all, but does spread evenly and spreads easily.  
  • the consistency is soft and creamy but not like a thick bb cream at all, more like say total effects tinted moisturizer kind of watery.  but the cream doesn't separate and not as watery as the johnson and johnson's baby lotion, so it's more like a gel but on the creamy side of consistency
The Shade:
  • this pure beige that i have has the classic Laneige Snow finish, a consistent iridescent finish. so NO big globs of glitter  
  • it gives a good sheen but not a disco ball kind of brightness.  
  • so this pure beige didn't make me look darker but not fairer.  it's the light of the flash that bounced off the sheen that makes me look like a floating white head but without the flash or just by looking at me it just looks healthy.  i have no idea what the pinker shade of this, sorry.
  • and now my face has the same skin shade / color as my neck and collar area.

Oil Control: 
  • it has a pretty average oil control, i end up blotting my nose and forehead about once a day, depending on the foundation i've put on top of the cc cream
Lasting power:
  • as a base, this automatically extends the wear of any foundation at least 3-4 hours more.  so when i clean my face, i still get the foundation on to my cleansing tissue, had my foundation not lasted until i cleaned my face there would hardly be any discoloration on my cleansing tissue.  

  • it does not break me out, i've been using this for a good two weeks now, since i got home.  i got zits on my chest and scalp (because of my monthly period) but not on my face so this cc cream didn't aggravate any expected hormonal break out (so instead i had a zit somewhere else not my face)
  • it's only spf 36 and pa of + unlike the snow bb cushion that has spf 50 pa +++ :-( for SKW35000, i'd think i deserve more sun protection?

the verdict:
  • this cc cream is way up there for me, it smells wonderful (the scent is different from the perfumey scent Laneige kept on using for many of their foundations, bb creams, and snow bb cushion)
  • has awesome pore coverage and finish
  • doesn't cake up and wipe off or melt off onto the rims of my glasses
  • my only complaint is the price, most of the cc creams on the market is not as expensive as this, about SKW25000 tops! but of course, we pay for the allure of exclusivity of a high end brand.
Recommendations - i recommend this cc cream to anyone who's skin tone uses a mac foundation of about nc15-20.  someone with a nicole kidman or cate blanchet skin tone could apply this but with their kind of skin there'd be like nothing on top but sheen.  but someone who's not like them but not tanned or olive - ahem like me or my cousins, will see a difference when this cc cream is applied.  I do not recommend this cc cream who's skin tone is above nc30 or nw30.   


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