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DISCLAIMER:  I received this as a gift from the friend of the owner of Happy Skin Cosmetics.  I am not paid in cash or kind for my reviews.
 Isn't the packaging adorable and easy on the eye?
 You even have instructions in English.  This brand though is Filipino and the products are made in and the ingredients are from Japan.
 The ingredients are below:
 It has a spout, similar to my second favorite Japanese foundation
 It allows for a more hygienic dispensation of the product.  Don't expect a ball bearing in the bottle though.  At least you have more product rather than a ball bearing in there.
 Sadly though, i was given a shade much too dark for my complexion.  this #2 natural beige will be more appropriate for women who wear mac foundations in the nc30 or nw25 or higher.  so it looks orangey on me.
it's supposed to be full coverage foundation, since it's all thick and all so here's my cheek with my recent scar from a very deep pimple.
 and here's the same scar with a layer of foundation.  well, it hid it a little.  I only need very little concealer after this.

 so like i mentioned the foundation is too dark on my skin, so the part of my face without foundation actually looks like it has foundation but it doesn't.  here's the foundation with the flash turned on
 not reflective at all, right? it shouldn't be, it's only spf 20
 and it really looks natural when the flash turned on.  hehehe sooooo do you think when people have red carpet events they should wear foundations a shade darker than what they normally wear? that way there won't be the floating head syndrome? the toshiyo look?
so let's get down to it.  the foundation being too dark on me aside, it's a pretty decent foundation.  it's creamy and not too watery.  it doesn't dry up too quickly once applied on your face the way revlon colorstay does.  but the fact that it's more creamy than watery can make it either more difficult to blend out or easier, depending on what tools you use.  i like using my fingers to warm up the foundation to make it more emollient.
  • with fingers it's easy to blend
  • hygienic 
  • cute packaging
  • no weird scent
  • didn't cake up on me throughout the day
  • didn't oxidize on me, the shade stayed just one shade darker on my face and didn't get even darker throughout the day
  • didn't break me out
  • easily available at selected plains and prints branches and the beauty bar
  • not too pricey considering it's made in japan, it's php900+
  • medium coverage so this will be great for women who have less to hide on their faces
  • no white face effect when the flash is turned i think i'll wear this when i go to an event LOL
Neutral - spf 20 pa+, really?
DISLIKES - it can get thick when applying and throughout the day.  i'm a person used to light foundations, cc creams and bb creams so this feels like revlon colorstay without the coverage payoff.  but that's me, and i work in an air conditioned office environment O.o
So what's up with this new brand!?! What do you think about this foundation?


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