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DISCLAIMER:  I am not paid by these brands to feature their products on my blog.  These gift ideas posts are my way of helping out my readers who like Asian brands and who are on a tight budget.  I simply want to share budget friendly gift ideas.  These are gift items that you can give your classmates, office mates and family.  The ones I chose from the pictures given me are less than php600.
Nail lacquers are no longer exclusive to women.  guys now a days also paint their nails either for fun, fashion and be like lee hongki of FTI and Jang Geun Suk of the current Korean drama Pretty Man.  These guys keep posting their latest nail art on twitter and instagram!  These nail lacquers' prices range from PhP98 to about PhP200 each.  there are also nail polish sets which are less than PhP400 bucks a set. 
 One of the latest lip balms from Etude House, at PhP198 per lip balm stick, each one is like a bazooka joe with a story to tell!
 the all over color pots, for our young ladies and not so young ladies who prefer to have just one item for lips and their cheeks
 This lotion is less than PhP500, it has long lasting moisturizing effect but i like it for the cranberry scent, hehehe.
 Another product for the body, here are a few of their shower gels or body wash.
 Hand creams! I doubt any woman would not appreciate hand lotions, they just smell good and moisturize your skin that is never something one can snub ;-)
 an affordable body spray.  it smells good, too!  something our girls can use after showering after their gym class.
 ah, i'm a sucker for these products because real shampoo and shampooing daily is really bad, this is always a good alternative in case you're extra greasy on a day when you happen to have an event, a date or a presentation at work!
 click on the picture to see the prices more closely, these hair treatments are inexpensive and have done their rounds on the blogger circle and the verdict is generally good...they certainly smell nice!
 a the bubble hair dye, a favorite among a few bloggers, well, they're quite inexpensive compared to its western competition, right?!
 You guys know how much i love this toner right? i raved about it here
 lovely inexpensive gifts en masse in case you're a team leader or have a lot of classmates or office mates.  and it's letter coded! each letter corresponds to the ingredient the facial mask has ;-)
 ah this one, this set is actually 1k++ but my point of including this set here is that you can break up the set and give one face pack to one person, voila you have 8 gifts already ^_^
 ah the brow color! 5 shades of them.  each is less than PhP400.  these are good gift ideas for makeup mavens and guys who are in the entertainment industry as well.
 and one of their latest releases.  I'm actually gonna come back for this.  I like the dark rose and the pink, and i have a thing for matte.  these products can be used as lip and cheek product!  so a 2-fer!  Each rosy tint lip is only PhP478 ;-)
I am hoping I am able to post one or two more brands with budget friendly items that are really nice and worthy to be given as gifts because they're useful, make you feel pretty, dual purpose and not too pricey!


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