Monday, December 16, 2013


DISCLAIMER:  I am not being paid to post this information.  I simply want to share budget friendly gift ideas.  These are gift items that you can give your classmates, office mates and family.  The ones I chose from the pictures given me are less than php600.  
so beyonce of destiny's child ooops i do mean Suzy of Miss A is the current model / endorser of the face shop and greets us a holiday cheer!
for Christmas parties The Face Shop has suggested the below for that bling and fabulous look at the party!
Chiffon Dream Body Set PhP550 - As you know i have a thing for lotions, because i have a thing for washing my hands after using the loo.  Check out the scent of this one at your nearest the face shop store.  For PhP550 you have two lotions so you can actually give one each to two people.  a good deal, wouldn't you agree?
Cleanser and Mask Sheet Set PhP295 - a foaming cleanser, a facial mask sheet and sturdy, see through reusable mesh bag for your toiletries or makeup or chargers, usb cables, etc.  a 3 for 1 purchase ;-) 
Green Tea Bath Kit PhP450 - if you like the scent of mild green tea, here's a good purchase.  this also comes with a see through bag that you can reuse for your toiletries, makeup, cables or chargers, or art materials or pencils and ball pens !
Green Tea Hand and Body Set PhP595 - green tea, it stays as my scent on my skin and doesn't go into my latte ^_^ another set you can break apart and give individually to your friends or office mates.
Orange Nail Pouch set PhP475 - yes, each PhP95 but this set comes in a nifty orange bag that you can reuse for whatever school, office, or personal toiletries kit.

These are my choices for gifts under PhP600.  The face shop provides a good size and sturdy paper bag so you don't have to buy an extra gift bag and just use the paper bag provided by the face shop as your gift bag!
here it is, below is a picture of the front of it.
and the design at the back

More to come in this series!


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