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I'll try to visit another Korean brand tomorrow, but this may be my last post on this series.  Thank you, Holika Holika Philippines for sending me the pictures in time.
DISCLAIMER:  I am not paid by these brands to feature their products on my blog.  These gift ideas posts are my way of helping out my readers who like Asian brands and who are on a tight budget.  I simply want to share budget friendly gift ideas.  These are gift items that you can give your classmates, office mates and family.  These are what Holika Holika Philippines collected for me that are very giftable items that are less than php500 

1. Jewellight Waterproof Eyeliner - Php 265.00 (No. 1-3, 5-16 available) 
Tried and tested, our Jewellight Waterproof Eyeliner is sure to last through a fun night out. It comes in a variety of colors, from the standard black, to the more adventurous ones like gold and pink topaz.
It's still party season, and the black liner is still our staple but they have many more shades, I recommend the pink topaz for a brilliant wink ;-)
2. Dessert Time Lip Balm - Php 265.00 
Lip balm in cute, small, dessert-shaped containers! Currently available in seven variants.
What will i be without lip balms?! a elderly woman with painfully cracked lips that's what! so having these cup cake container lip balms are not only cute but they actually contain lip balm!
3. Penguin's Dream Hand Cream - Php 275.00 

Coming in Floral, Fresh, and Fruity scents, this Penguin's Dream protects your hands against dry skin.
Yet another staple in my posts, hand cream! As you know my office loo has these liquid hand soaps that are just soooo drying! so i always
4. The King of Bean  Php 275.00 
With two variants, this is a gentle, moisturizing cleanser, in a giant package, adding up to great value!
Facial washes, i always give these as gift items, they're just uni, can be given to everyone and anyone LOL
5. Petit BB - Php 325.00  

Comes in the following variants: Clearing, Essential, Moisture, Shimmering and Watery for different skin types and concerns.  
Of course, bb creams, and at less than PhP400, it certainly is a great gift idea for our young ladies and gents to give their faces a good glow and sunscreen. 
6. I Want Chu Lip Balm - Php 455.00 
The priciest item on this list, but comes with two flavors per package. Each of the variants contain complementing flavors, each designed for him and her for that perfect kiss.
lookkiee, a his and hers lip balm set, for that secret and perfect kiss, hehehe.
Hope these ideas help you out in deciding what to give as gifts.  Remember, the lip balms, hand creams can be given to guys, too!  Happy Holidays!


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