Thursday, December 19, 2013


DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid to do these posts.  These posts are for my readers who are looking for last minute gifts. I simply want to share budget friendly gift ideas.  These are gift items that you can give your classmates, office mates and family.  The ones I chose from the pictures given me are less than php600.
My readers know, I am all over snail products this is no exception.  there is a stick version of this, coming soon!  this prestige snail treatment is a lip balm with snail mucin.  My readers and viewers know that snail mucin is quite effective in clearing up small wounds and spots so the proverbial they put the healing power of snail slime in lip balm ^_^ and it's less than PhP500!
If you follow my blog, you'd know that i love love love this hand cream loved it so much that i blogged about it here ^_^
the bunny hand cream that smells oh so cute i mean good and snail hand cream! 
a good blush is a girl's best friend.  now ladies, mag lilipstick at popolbo na rin lang kayo, what's one more step? put some blush on that way people won't think you're auditioning to become a cullen.
more cute blushes and their brand new blush the crystal jelly cheek pot!
now if you give this to your friend, office mate or loved one and if they actually use it, they'll remember you when they shower? it can be a good or well something else, ey? **wink**wink**!
gifts en masse! check out their masks that are less than 100 pesos.  if you have students or you're in a team and you're not paid well, these are good gifts, too!
for our ladies that wanna stay matte, here you go ^_^
there's nothing more that says i really care about you than by giving someone a mouth mist, so there LOL 
 NOW this is a gift, for ANYONE.  yes, i know it's not less than 600 but this is something I would really give to anyone who has to ride the public transportation 'system' we have.  if you pull the plug of the key ring, this will make a very loud noise alarm.  so it will alert the people around you if you're in trouble.
 The below is a lotion and body wash set.  it's PhP578
well, isang araw nga lang naman ang december 25 kaya happy holiday lang O_o hehehe
These are my recommendations that are less than 600 bucks.  I'm really liking the 'help me' lip balm key chain, just don't pull the plug when you're in the library, at church, or near me :P 


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