Sunday, December 15, 2013


DISCLAIMER:  I am not paid to share this information.  I simply want to share what's out there in the market that's budget friendly and to give you ideas if you've run out already as Christmas is fast approaching! These are items i'd actually buy for myself and i would appreciate to see under my Christmas tree, ahem ahem hahaha

The 1 day tattoo eye brow definer in #2 SRP 435 - as some of you know i'm always on the look out for less expensive alternatives and voila, here's one of them.  at php435  this eye brow definer like its counterparts in other brands promises lasting defined eye brows.  this may be something your friends may appreciate as a gift this year!

Artclass Lip Crayon- SRP 329 - apart from face products a great deal of my purchases go to lip products! check out the these crayons for less than P330 at that!  for a quick gift, check out these shades for an instant colorful gift for her OR him!
 and you can sharpen this like you do with crayons lol
  Artclass Pencil Eraser- SRP 469 - it's a makeup eraser, it's so simple, just rub onto your smeared makeup and presto, correction done! ;-)
and the same sharpener can be used here, too 
 Dinoplatz Bath Time for Dinos (SINGLE)- SRP 219 - woot a bath salt for that price, teka, i'll check out this, too!

how cute is this 
Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus (50sheet)- SRP 245
:Turns to soft skin instantly with just light press.
: Papers won’t get dirty or crumpled due to hard care in light pocket type.
: Oil papers are in the pact with mirror.
: Oilpaper in pact shape.

: Natural Hanji [Traditional Korean paper handmade] with 100% of the paper mulberry from Korea
Angel hand cream- SRP 329 each - for our students or office mates alike, guys or gals when you wash your hands apply some hand cream to keep your hands soft or at least not dry thanks to the soap provided by the office :'(
I hope this post helps, I work near a mall, I'll go around and check out more stores with items that are less than 500 as gift items ;-) watch out for more!


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