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ERRATUM: I've used 
The recipients have been picked and emails have been sent! I hope to meet you soon!  Ladies and 1 gent, check out your prizes below:
To Aren:  the picture where the tony moly prestige foundation can be found contain your prizes
To Christian: the picture where the vidal sassoon shampoo and conditioner contain your prizes
check out the below:
 To Jhessica, your prizes are included in the pictures whre this blue cloth is...that's a plains and prints scarf
check them out below:
To Kristine:  your prizes are included in the picture where the two baviphat products are
 check them out here:
To Mia:  your prizes are the ones included with the plains and prints red case
 check out the below:
and lastly: Rofelyn you get the the prizes that are with the etude house any cushion picture ^_^
check them out below:
Hope to see some of you!
None of the people who have been picked will know what they will receive, it will be a surprise! ^_^

There is no particular order of the prizes.  I will use rafflecopter and actually randomly pick the gift packs I'll be giving when I meet you.
Each picture contains the items in each goodie bag i'll be giving out.  if you don't live in metro manila and can't meet me then i'll use classtools.net frutti machine to randomly pick the goodie bag you will receive so hehehe surprise parin until you get your goodie bag ;-)
The above contains:
  1. 1 deep brown kpallete eye pencil
  2. 1 kpallete mega a cutie eye lid glue
  3. 1 etude house cc cream 
  4. 1 moringa02 facial toner
  5. 1 colour collection lipstick
  6. 1 godiva facial wash
  7. 1 zen nutrients soap
  8. 1 set nail stickers
  9. 1 godiva whitening lotion
The above contains:
  1. 1 kpallete deep brown liquid liner
  2. 1 kpallete mega a cutie eye lid glue
  3. 1 100mg lulur asian secrets whitening facial scrub
  4. 1 nivea collagen protect facial sunscreen
  5. 1 nivea cooling mist sunscren
  6. 1 etude house any cushion
  7. 1 etude house color pop 
  8. 1 zen nutrients green tea shampoo
  9. 1 etude house secret recipe highlighter
The above contains:
  1. 1 kpalette deep brown eye liner
  2. 1 etude house Antoinette lipstick
  3. 1 mir and ryvi tomato soap
  4. 1 iWhite nose pack
  5. 1 tony moly prestige carat foundation
  6. 1 the saem skin fit silk finish bb
  7. 1 etude house blush
Kitty paws not included
The above contains:
  1. 1 godiva soap
  2. 1 godiva deo
  3. 1 godiva toner
  4. 1 tony moly aqua aura cooling cushion
  5. 1 plains and prints makeup case / pencil case
  6. 1 body bb
  7. 1 tony moly backstage smokey eye gel liner and eye shadow trio
  8. 1 tony moly kiss lover lipstick
  9. 1 nail sticker set
The above contains:
  1. 1 moringaO2 soap
  2. 1 moringaO2 lotion
  3. 1 vidal sassoon shampoo
  4. 1 vidal sassoon condition
  5. 1 tony moly aqua aura cooling cushion
  6. 1 nail sticker set
  7. 1 max factor lipstick
The above contains:
Cat not included
  1. 1 baviphat bb cream
  2. 1 baviphat face base
  3. 1 nivea uv whitening serum
  4. 1 etude house secret recipe face and eye color
  5. 1 tony moly blush
  6. 1 droplets hand sanitizer
  7. 1 sample set of H2O cleasing water and eye cream
  8. 1 zen nutrients massage oil
  9. 1 remedie facial peel
  10. 1 set banana and tomato soap
  11. 1 the face shop lip gloss 
All I ask is for you to post a selfie with your prizes and mention my fb page or twitter or ig me if you can't meet me :'(
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