Sunday, December 8, 2013

PRODUCT FEATURE: SHISEIDO IBUKI - Softening Concentrate, Protective Moisturizer,

DISCLAIMER:  This set was given to me as part of a press kit.  There is a facial wash that came with this set.  I have not used it.  To the best of my abilities and biases aside, I will try to give you a very objective review of the three in the Ibuki line I do use.  The below is the article released by Shiseido for us to find out more about this new line.

 at least for those living in the city, all the more will the effects of lifestyle have on our skin.
 sadly we do not live with a suit of armor on.
hmmm makes you think right?

more studies should be published on this, i'd have to say.
Review starts, now:
The Softening Concentrate:
Concentrate is just another word for serum.  The ingredients are below.  as you can see those PhytoResist ingredients are not listed on the top
 further description in the product insert below.
 as shown below
 thankfully it is dispensed via a pump.  a very good pump
 it has the consistency of watery syrup like glycerin and looks like it, too.  but smells HEAVENLY! 
 it spreads and blends out like water, too
it took a while for that dollop of water to get absorbed by the skin on the back of my hand
The Protective Moisturizer
and now for the day cream...wooohooo, it has spf 15.
 the ingredients are below
 this one though has a slightly different pump.  it has a slightly more tapered spout
it's watery as well, but easier to blend out, meaning it didn't dry up up to quickly while i was smearing it across my face
 it photographs well though, it is after all only spf 15
 in each box is a product insert 
The Eye Correcting Cream
the ibuki line has an eye cream, too
 the description is below.
 the ingredients are below.
 how to use is below.
 it's hygienic because it's packaged in a tube rather than in a tub/jar.
 so it's a little tinted.
 but since i'm quite fair it's really like nothing on my skin.
Sadly, even with just 3 weeks of using this, this is what happened.
 and more spots

and a zit
all i know is a week after using this i've noticed that my face became rougher to treat at night.  
No where in the article given to me were the prices of each product.  So I can't help you there.  It'll be a while yet til I visit any Shiseido store.  
In conclusion.  I am not at all happy with this line.  as gentle as the serum is, i suspect the day dream with the spf 15 to be the culprit of my spots. i've always been sensitive to sunscreen and really only use specific brands for sunscreen.
There are many fans of Shiseido.  I'm frankly one of them.  I love their face products and their facial treatments but not all brands are perfect.  I guess I just found the one line that broke that streak for me.  Now i've got to fix these spots with my tried and tested snail creams O_o


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