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Guise, it's been a long holiday season but we have to show up for lunches and parties and dinners but we're too tired or too cold.  here's an alternative to washing your hair daily, because we should never wash our hair and scalp daily, the ingredients in shampoo is just too damaging to use everyday.
DISCLAIMER: I bought this with my own money.  I am not paid for these reviews.
If you follow my reviews, you'd know I've reviewed another one of these here. Although i love that one a great deal, i was terribly disappointed with its pump.  I was hoping that it would be different with this one.
And yes, I was lucky enough to have purchased a can of aerosol that doesn't release the propellant when you're not holding down the nozzle. (in my previous dry shampoo review, the propellant escaped even if i wasn't using it. Now let's assume i got lucky, with this can from etude house, because i wanna be fair to tony moly, the very first can of the tony moly changing u dry shampoo didn't let the contents out, it was the second canister i purchased from tm that had a faulty pump.  As far as i can tell, apart from the color, they have exactly the same pumps.
 Online stuff about it.  and yes the 1,2,3's are for real ^_^
Etude House is kind enough to provide us with an English translation of what is written at the back of the can and even the highly flammable contents.  so don't be smoking or lighting up a cig when using this.
from kollectionk
This spray dry shampoo instantly cleanses hair without water, soaking up excess oil and removing impurities, for a freshly-shampooed look with a clean floral fruity scent.
Size : 50 ml
* How to use
1. Shake well before use.
2. Hold bottle 15~20 cm away from head and spray onto scalp and hair.
3. Massage into scalp with fingers and brush out thoroughly to re-style.,
and here are my before pictures. yes, my hair and scalp has been on a greasy stage for about 6 weeks now. i think it's missing Seoul and its dry and cold weather LOL
 so my hair looks like i've applied baby oil, but i haven't it's all my oil and humidity
 now after

yey it works! and just as good, too.  And because i got luck on the this canister i bought i got to use it more than just once. meaning it isn't a one time use item.  it smells, well, it smells like shampoo.  it isn't like my american cream conditioner (a more vanilla scented item).
  • a pump that works! and does not let out the propellant out when you're not using it.
  • it made my hair look less greasy, so it works and does the job!
  • it's got cute packaging, as always from Etude House
  • didn't clump up my hair 
  • didn't sting my scalp
  • the product didn't flake up after a while the way talcum powder does when you use that to make your hair less greasy
  • didn't give me dandruff
  • didn't dry my hair out AND
  • very cooling on the head, after all it's an aerosol 
  • I need to retouch it a bit after a 3 or 4 hours which is fine, it's a small canister so you can bring it in your bag if you go to a party and respray when you start showing some grease
  • the scent, i don't agree with smell.  it's too fruity when i prefer something more on the vanilla melon kind of scent.
DO I RECOMMEND THIS - oh absolutely, the smell is rather objective what might smell cheap and tacky to me may smell really nice to you.


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