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Today we say farewell to 2013.  How was this past year to you? Did you learn anything? Were you forced to grow up? Was 2013 the year that made you accept that some things you cannot change? Or was this the year that made you learn to let go? Was 2013 the year that you said, 'today I make a stand!'?
As for me I never thought i'd actually have an awesome follow up to my 2011!  But slowly and begrudgingly, 2013 moved on and in early Feb I got an invitation of a lifetime! It even made my sister in law gasp "it finally became worth it!"  and here it is...
1.)  The JYJ Global Fan Meeting.
yep that's me, right there, i miss my short curly hair LOL 
and here i am again with that guy that people really idolize, i don't see it, i like Song Joongki in Sungkyukwan Scandal myself, but that's me.
I am always grateful when I go to Seoul, more so at someone else's expense and more so I get to breathe the same air as these so called gods of the east.
Ay ate, bitter? frankly, yes, just about two weeks after this event, U-Kiss announced that they were having full length concerts in Singapore and other neighboring SEAn countries! But my leaves were already spent on this JYJ trip and i could not apply for any more vacation leaves at the time.  so i'm frankly not the happiest person when i think of this trip.  "ay sayang! sana mga tunay na fans na lang ang pumunta imbes na ikaw di ka naman cass at jyj fan" well, the fact that press and sns influential people were invited was a command decision that none of the invitees were part of making.  in vernacular, labas na kami sa mismong desisyon na press at blogger ang pagkakagastusan ng air fare at hotel. ito ay isang bagay na wala kaming kinalaman.  nainvite kami, why would we say no to a free trip with accommodations to a country we love going to?
But after this day, it'll be water under the bridge cuz who am i kidding? given the same opportunity, i'd accept the invitation again, i wouldn't have known either way that Dongho would leave U-Kiss this year and that concert tour last April was the last time we would get to see him, like ever publicly.  the jyj trip, was, after all, an all expense paid trip to Seoul, i'd accept it even if it was just Suzy, who? yung sa the face shop yung parang beyonce ng destiny's child, este Miss A.
moving on...
2.)  Blog Events - Etude House Launches its Secret Recipe
and my first intro to Tous Les Jours thanks to this wonderful cake:
Etude House always manages to come up with the best ways to repackage their products and they always seem to reinvent their game with each endorser they have, this year and for another year it's F(X) Sulli and Krystal
Etude House also had their annual Princess Playhouse event and I was there to witness a part of it.
I got to meet people who browse through my blog:
and got to exchange a few words with one of my personal idols, Ms Andrea.  I couldn't get a photo with Ms Humphries though, but that's ok ;-)
Sometimes on a blood moon, when all the hurcruxes have been destroyed, and when the deathly hallows have come back together, i get discovered by other brands and get invited to their store openings. Naturally, I'd go to Too Cool for School's SM North's opening.
I really like this brand just because it's gutsy enough to go against the grain and not hire a Korean artist to endorse them.  This event led to my purchasing this fantastic blush that, to this day, remains in my kikay kit:
3.) More Travelling with the hubby.  I got to travel outside of the country four times this year!
We went to Cambodia's Angkor Wat before it closed for renovation and upkeep by UNESCO, oh ha kung maka-tomb raider lang, sabay nadapa hehehe.  To this day i miss how slow and simple the life is in Siem Reap!
We also got to visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum that we couldn't enter since it was that time of the year that his body is being re-preserved.  so don't go there during the last quarter of the year if you plan to visit his body.
But we did get to shop at Vietnam. it's were the hubby got his parka for 1/10th the price, so yeah he only paid 1k++ converted to pesos for something that costs 500k SKW, oo, andun pa yung price tag na may usd at skw hehehe.
Lastly, my personal trip to Seoul - from the start I had every intention of going to Arirang to see Eli Kim.  I knew that the live recording was done every two weeks and each recording is good for two full eps of the show.  Somehow, all my deathly hollows was in alignment THAT, cebu pacific effed up our flight by 8 full hours.  thus reducing our stay in Seoul by a full day.  This change in flight by cebu pacific had a domino effect that made us stay in Seoul another 3 days, enough for me to catch a recording of Simply Kpop on our last night in Seoul.
Why not book a flight that coincides with a recording? as a budget flier you know that you're limited to travel dates these dates don't necessarily coincide with a group's comeback and stage performances.  looking back, Tania declared cebu pac's recall of all their red eye flights to be Eli's super power.  hehehe.
Pag may nagtanong ng 'ano bang meron sa korea at punta ng punta dun?!' na matining ang boses, well, keep calm and just blog about it, not only will it release your stress, it will help others get an idea that Seoul is not just about kpop or kdramas.  It's about a never ending array of pubs, cafes, museums, arts and culture and shopping.  it's a mixture of the ancient and the ultra high tech.  yung dati naming trainer, hindi sya maka kpop but she also goes there once a year. she visits friends, the hills, the outskirts of South Korea, while I go there for fun, it just so happened that i went there this year twice because of my jyj event.  la lang pumilanting siguro tenga ko sa tinis ng boses nung nagtanong na yun hehehe.  but after today that, too will be water under the bridge.
If I could stay in Seoul, I would.  I never expected this crazy clown, yes this one with a bowl hair cut
would actually look back at me, acknowledge i was still there, look at me and say stay strong! (he meant it for us here in the Philippines) though don't get me wrong he was a gracious host, your typical bagets na kano (nope he didn't grow up in Korea, sa tate yan lumaki), yung palabiro at sa kanya lang ang attention, the Eli show ika nga, ang daldal ha.  but he remembered to say farewell to me.  I will always remember that.  After that, i felt, ok, pwede na kong umuwi hahaha or find a decent job there LOL.  parang ang bobroke ng mga expat na nakilala ko dun ha, natakot ako hahaha. speaking of expat, the international kissme's based in Seoul are awesome just awesome!

I know that after Hayan / Yolanda, this year's holiday festivities isn't as bright as it usually is.  My hubby and I have and continue to do our part to help.  (some of you may know that i've never stopped my monthly contributions to UNICEF, WWF (yung panda hindi yung wrestling) and Green Peace and I will continue to do so.  I do hope that some of you in Manila are safe and can assist.  Youtube knows that u-kiss has done their part, too! ate, message lang yun ah, yes, a message and time out from their hectic sched to record said message.  time equals talent fee, ok?  talent fee is money.  so that's what they contributed publicly, we don't know if they contributed anonymously.
This arm gesture, is exactly what Eli did for me before he left the Simply Kpop Recording last November 26 for eps 91 and 92.  I knew he had a soft side, i just didn't expect to actually see it.  i respect people's facades you know.
This can be found on the video below:
ONE Final EVENT to cap off the year!
Akalain mo? I got to speak about my hobby and stress releaser? There is no other venue or stage where i would talk about my hobby anyway!  Sila lang may kilala kay Sandara, kay Song Hyego, kay Lee Min Ho, at kay Kim Hyun Joong.  Sila lang naka gets ng jokes ko.  Hayst, it was a thrill to get invited to speak at the very successful and sold out event that is the 5th Annual KPOP Convention!
hahaha ang tagal ko nang hindi gumagawa ng powerpoint presentation, pero go lang, my 6 year old lap top and i got to make one!  ang tagal ko narin di gumagwa ng video tutorial, pero go parin! i got to video myself.  and got to edit using my 6 year old going on 7 years na lap top! As everyone was busy manning their booths i couldn't ask anyone to take a photo of my moment hahaha, keri lang.  But here's my proof that i was at this awesome convention.
Sadly, I couldn't stay, i was about to keel over as I was suffering from a very bad sore throat, the sniffles and a burgeoning fever.  So after the pic above i had lunch and went home.
2013 was truly an eventful year on a personal level as well.  We had to uproot ourselves from the office building i called home for the last 5 years and moved to the mall i love to hate.  After 3 bouts of the flu and two infected pustulated skin ulcers and two supervisors since May (i blame the dirty office next to Edsa), I am still here.  No staphylococcus, no viral infection, neither will a change in offices is going to bring me down that easily!
and hello there 2014


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