Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I bought this while I was in Seoul last November.  I wanted to share products from the brands that are currently not available in the Philippines.  This blush is from Banila Co.
it's packaged like benefit's blushes.  So I suppose this is Banila Co's version of Benefit's coralista.  The difference being this box by Banila Co's has a mirror and can't  taken off as a usual box lid.  it's hinged.
Below are swatches.
this blush is very difficult to photograph under fluorescent and incandescent lighting.  it hardly showed up under daylight LOL.  it's pretty light, and not over powering like my other orgasmic orangey blushes like the orgasm and hot mama
and therefore, it looks really natural on my skin.  just like Etude House's Ms Tangerine's Cream Choux #2 and Ellana's Happiness Blush
Now why did i mention lighting?  The usually great lighting I have at the women's loo make me look either jaundiced or put on fake tanning spray on my cheeks.  But one of my younger office mates said she likes it. and likes it on me, at that LOL.
I guess, my face really does prefer Korean and Japanese brands.   Looking back at my older posts, I'm a much preferring my pics from my Ellana's Happiness post and the Etude House Ms Tangerine Cream Choux #2 post than my orgasm and hot mama posts :-(  And now I'm liking this blush, too.  See, it's not all KPOP 2ne1 kinda bling bling makeup, it' more of Girls Generation skanks ladies next door kind of look that these Korean and Japanese brands are marketing towards.
  • nifty packaging with mirror!
  • a good enough brush, too! it's really soft!
  • the brush doesn't just blot the powder on my face, because it's so soft it applies the blush really lightly so it's controllable
  • not chunky glittery
  • almost matte finish
  • doesn't have a weird scent
  • doesn't oxidize as much as the western brands
  • doesn't break me out
  • i didn't get allergic to the goat hair brush either
  • so i don't look like i applied too much bronzer the way hot mama eventually make me look like...something like ahem


  • i like Banila Co, unfortunately it's not here in Manila yet
  • for a blush the price can go as high as SKW30,000
I'm really not much into warm shades but like i mentioned earlier, I can lean towards buying blushes like these just because they can give my pale skin a good flush without making me look like i applied bronzer.  i never ever apply bronzer, it makes me look muddied up.
I recommend this blush to anyone with skin tones a little darker than mine or who have my skin tone.

So whatchatink?


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