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My first review of the year!
DISCLAIMER: I was not paid by Clio Professional Korea, the importers of Clio and Peri Pera or SM (heck no) did not pay me to review this product.  I bought this with my own money while I was in Seoul last November 2013.  I purchased the items that are distributed for South Korea and not to be exported. Therefore no ingredients that are in English.
 Just your basic description.
 Which is below.
 Ingredients in Hangul
But blogger everblueC(dot)com received Clio products with English ingredients at the back of the box.  and she was kind enough to post a picture of the back of the box for the cushion cc.
cr to the watermark, everbluec
The description can be found on enkoreadepart
 the available shades
 and product info
There's a vampire version of this.  Yes, for some reason, they wanna look like a bunch of cullens.  That vampire variety is in a silver compact.  But i was sold this one in the white compact, thank my lucky Eli for that.  so like the other cushion products, it has the rubber sponge puff that i love.  the compact has the lid separator to keep the sponge puff from resting on the sponge puff inside that holds the cc product.
so yes, the natural evolution of the bb cushion is, of couse, the cc cushion which is why i bought this.  This cc cushion by Clio is watery as my beloved.  The Clio cc cushion is as fine as in pino to apply as my beloved. it's also smells exactly the same as my beloved.  So it's possible it's packaged as the same factory
This cc cream has more or less the same coverage as my beloved.
sorta has the same reflective qualities as my beloved when worn and have the flash on when taking photos.
and looks as natural as my beloved.  BUT  this cc cusion by Clio is less iridescent or less sparkly than my beloved
Thoughts:  For SKW20,000 (roughly US$20 or PhP900) this is definitely worth trying.  it's smells nice, not sticky, can stand alone (no need to top it off with foundation unlike most cc creams), and it's quite portable because it's in a compact.  I've read online that this is refillable as well.  From the looks of it, it most likely is. The refill in about US$17 on enkoreadepart

Consistency:  The consistency is quite watery and is therefore very easy to blend out.  it isn't as sticky as my beloved and the clio cushion cc is lighter throughout the day compared to its bb cushion counterparts.  

Coverage:  This one by Clio offers more or less the same coverage than my beloved, which means it can cover some light scars and dark under eye circles.  but it does well in covering pores just like my beloved.

The Shade:  There are two shades to this a pink one and this beige one.  The sales lady recommended the beige one on me.  This a good match to the skin of my neck.  it starts off a little dark but then blends out to a nice nc15 on me which then gives me a healthy look.

Oil Control:   This has slightly better oil control than my beloved.   My beloved is supposed to have more on the snow/glowy/dewy effect while this cushion cc by Clio is on a more dewy matte.  so the oil control is, I would say, a good 4/5 (where, 1 is almost no oil control while 5 is almost not needing to blot the oil out of my nose at all) for the Clio cushion cc.

Lasting power:  because it's a tad more matte than my beloved, this lasts even longer.  but it isn't as difficult to remove from the face as the snow bb cushion.  But just my beloved, i hardly need to set this with powder.

Skincare:  I didn't get any break out using this product.  No new millia and no new black or white heads.  The box did proclaim that while using this product 
your skin will moistened and resilient that will make you look younger.  dunno about making me look younger, it at least makes me look more polished and not like i just got up from bed.

SPF: and awesome 50 with pa of +++

The verdict:  for someone on a budget, but want the same results as my beloved.  it performs just as solidly as my snow bb cushion.  but without a refill, just like the any cushion, frankly, i still think the snow bb cushion is still cheaper in the long run at around PhP1600 with refill already.

Recommendations: i do highly recommend this one by clio if you just want to try it out and not want to get stuck with a refill that you may or may not use.  try going online or to the mall i love to hate if this is already available here in Manila.


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