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DISCLAIMER:  I purchased this snail cream with my own money at Lotte World Mall at Myeongdong last November.  This is on buy one get one pala at SKW39000.  Ang tanga ko, I thought i was just buying one. At ang yabang ko pa, sabi ko yey, i got a discount of SKW3000! Paguwi ko na lang nakita 2pala yung nabili ko for SKW39000. Kasi around Myeongdong, at the Saem stores each is about SKW42,000ish.  
Ok, a little background on the Lotte World in Myeongdong, so dutty free sya.  tapos may Korean and International brands din dun.  Pag bumili ka ng international brand like Kanebo (Japanese), Clinique (American), the sales ladies will ask what flight you'll be on leaving Korea.  They will proceed to wrap that for you and send it to your departure gate [at Gimpo or Incheon] so in short, you can't take international brands out of Lotte. You can however, take home (or back to the hotel) Korean brands.  The thing about buying Korean brands though, parang asa SNR ka, pang maramihan ang bilihan.  pinaka konti na yung buy one get one deals like this snail cream.
While there, I mostly bought brands that aren't available in Manila or items that weren't available yet in Manila when i bought stuff last November.  Therefore, I got this one by theSaem and I didn't care that I'd be buying two right away, since anyway, I woudn't be going back to Seoul until October 2014.  so hoard.
The description is at the back of the box in three languages, English, Japanese, and Chinese.
And the Korean product description.  But this is where I found out how much snail mucin and red ginseng they claim they put in the product.  I can also surmise that the percentage of snail mucin used here is 70%, naka lagay naman eh.
The ingredients are below.
Shelf life is 12 months upon opening.
as shown here as well.
It comes with a spatula and is essentially a white thick cream.  I used this right away while in Seoul.  Using this cream was how I combated the dry and cold weather of around -3 degrees Celsius last November.
As you know I was terribly disappointed with Shiseido's Ibuki line that actually gave me millia and white heads and a zit, so after i had posted that review I immediately back to using this to cure my ailing skin at the time. no sooner that a week of using this did i notice that my zits and millia subsided.  This also helps me prevent new pimples at that time of the month.  I think the combination of ginseng an snail cream does the trick for my skin.
There is no cure for wrinkles, only botox and fillers can erase those from people's faces.  But I continue to use this not for its anti-wrinkle promise but more for its moisturizing and healing properties.   I am also a very big fan of the scent used in this product.  It's mild, musky but citrusy at the same time.  I really like it.  It also gets absorbed quickly on my even when I'm in the Philippines.
  • good scent
  • doesn't take forever for the product to get absorbed by my skin
  • doesn't feel like the product is merely floating on top of my skin
  • because above two qualities, my makeup doesn't slide off easily when i use this as my skin care in the morning
  • healed the stuff caused by Shiseido's Ibuki
  • prevents zits (so i gets zits on my back or chest at that time of the month instead O.o)
  • no stinging or stretching feeling when i apply this
  • kept my skin moisturized when I stayed in Seoul in sub zero degree weather
  • safe to say it doesn't cause me to have new zits, millia, white or black heads
  • cheap, considering i got it on bogo with a couple of GDragon face masks hehehe
  • i forgive the name, going french is their version of pretentious 
  • kinda pricey when purchased individually, but then again there is a high premium on both snail cream and red ginseng skin care, so that's the reason for the expensive price.  
  • currently not available in the Philippines.
  • in a tub rather than a pump dispenser kind of bottle (yung parang sa olay total effects na container)
RECOMMENDATIONS - I recommend this to anyone who wants to try ginseng and snail cream skin care.  it's very gentle on the skin and delivers its promises.  If you can find a good price online, I highly recommend you go for it.


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