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At this point i'm really wishing i bought the full size tube of this thing or at least googled some reviews on this product while i was at a country with the fastest internet on the planet. But at least I was able to get a couple of sachets for my blush purchase.
Banila Co is endorsed by one of the SNSD girls, Jessica, so it's KPOP related hehehe. So here's my review of the apparently really popular cc cream.  
IT radiant - IT radiant? so is it IT"S radiant? or is it the IT thing to make you radiant? ah well, of course i'd take a jab of the name, right? 
like a lot of cc creams i've tried, this has sun protection of 30 and PA of ++
what the product looks like, it really looks like one of the cc creams i've already reviewed, here
here's the product promise after smearing the above product all over your face.
 The ingredients are from COSDNA

and what it looks like on my face.
so unlike the other cc creams that make my face look like a floating white head, it just makes my face brighter not paler or toshio-like.  this is really really similar to Laneige's Water CC cream, it just makes me look like i'm air brushed.
So it's a little bright and makes me look a little too made up for a day in school or at the office but just about right for a presentation or a first date.

  • it's half the price of the Laneige CC cream (that was SKW35000) this cc cream by Banila Co is about US$19.
  • it's packaged just like the etude house cc cream so it's hygienic because it has a pump and packaged in a tube.
  • it smells a little like the new scent used on the Laneige CC cream which i really like
  • it feels just like the Laneige CC cream as well
  • but unlike the Laneige CC cream i can wear this, just this and look well covered, the way i do when I use the Tony Moly Intense LS CC cream (the snail cc cream)
  • it lasts pretty much all day 
  • does not crack
  • does not go pasty or go cakey or pool on my big pores yet covers them well
  • therefore it blends well
  • coverage is so so, some may still need a concealer for scars
  • the above makes it a good base for foundation
  • does not break me out
  • has pretty ok spf at least for indoors 
  • easy enough to clean off my face
  • currently not available in the Philippines - but you can inquire with my Korean Beauty products KKOCHIPIDA - please visit her online store here
I recommend this cc cream if you're interested in a cheaper alternative cc creams compared to my beloved Tony Moly Intense LS CC cream (the snail cc cream) and Laneige CC creams ^_^


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