Sunday, January 12, 2014


 DISCLAIMER:  This was a Christmas gift sent to me by Etude House Philippines.   I am not paid in cash for these reviews.  These are my honest reviews of the products sent to me as gifts or for review.
The rose tint, has been going around the blogging circles for a while now.  So now it's my turn to celebrate this awesome product.  This is on retail for PhP478.  This is a dual purpose product that can be used on the lips and the cheeks.  
 There are 8 shades
 and it has a matte finish
 the applicator is a cotton tip as you'll see from my picture, down below.

 I was graciously given shade #1
 here's the felt cotton tip i was talking about.
 This cap can be removed so you can wash it. so don't forget to wash it!
 what the rose red looks like.  

 you can spread it out to a gradient or have a full lips with this shade.
I prefer the whole lip tinted by the product rather than sport the popular gradient lip.
 and here i am rather enjoying this on my lips, can you tell?
 and i do love red!
This reminds me of my nyx matte lip creams memba those?  i think i had half a dozen of those lip cracking el cheapo lip products.  Naturally, it was a Korean alternate that rescued my lips and ended up giving those nyx matte lip 'creams' away.  Well, this rose tint feel exactly like those nyx matte lip creams the difference being, this etude house rose tint DOES NOT CRACK my lips AT ALL.    yes, a very stark and remarkable difference indeed.  i will gladly pay an extra php150 and buy a dual purpose item such as this rose tint product than spend on something that though less expensive, crack and hurt my lips.
  • real creamy feeling on the lips
  • does not crack or chap my lips
  • i don't have to apply lip balm on top 
  • doesn't bleed
  • solid color, red kung red!
  • surprisingly not too difficult to remove - i use the etude house lip and eye remover, to remove my lips and eyes at night before i go to bed hehehe
  • lasting, not easily rubbed or eaten off
  • none really - ERRATUM - it's really really really difficult to squeeze the product out from the tube.  i'm not sure if it will be that way til the product runs out or if it's just because it's new and the product is all the way at the back of the tube.  so yeah that's one dislike about it LOL
RECOMMENDATION - I definitely recommend this.  specially the pink one to our young girls.  for our professional ladies you can do with a little red. ;-) you have 8 shades to choose from!


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