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I've been meaning to review this lip balm forever.  As you know I love snail products  I bought a few of these for my blog giveaway, Christmas presents and for my own.  I'm glad I did buy this, if you read on, you'll find out why.  
Product description below:
and another product description.
the South Korean Won SRP of the product.  I bought my lip balms in Myeongdong, Seoul.
And its srp in the Philippines, so the Philippine price is only 121 pesos higher.  Do the math if going to the Tony Moly Stores here in the Philippines is just as worth while.
The ingredients are in English and is photographed below.
It' a clear balm.  and in a pot.  but there is a stick version of this already.
and it's not a magic lip balm that changes color when applied on the lips or skin
My lips have been chappy, i get like that when i'm pms-ing.
and lastly my lips on the fourth day.  I apply just twice a day.  Once before I apply makeup and before I sleep at night.
Well, I can say that it is quite effective.  It's not too minty, it has a slight, citrus-y  taste after it's been applied but that goes away in about a minute.  

  • the scent - it smells so clean but not hospital clean like zonrox, but just a nice mint scent but slightly citrus-y
  • it's not gross sticky - it's slightly tacky but only upon first application
  • NO white icky stuff that forms at the inner lips after an hour like so many lip balms and chubby sticks
  • doesn't make your lipstick greasy looking when this applied before or after the lipstick.
  • doesn't make your or my lips greasy looking
  • makes good on the overnight lip mask thing as it soothes my lips over night
  • also helps exfoliates my lips but not in a painful way.  it just lifts up the skin on my lips that were going to get sloughed or shed off anyway in a much faster and less painful manner.
  • I have just one dislike - the fact that it's in a pot, but like i mentioned there's a stick form of this lip balm
pero ate Marge, PhP448 na lip balm? may nivea naman less than PhP100 pa.  ah well, asa preference and budget naman yan.  I like snail products so i have a back of this even if it's in a pot.  the stick form is always out of stock.  just make sure you have clean fingers when applying this and no double dipping the same fingers.  no sharing either.
I recommend this lip balm.  it's very good!


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