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My first event of the year! 
DISCLAIMER:  If you go through my blog you would see that ever since Kim Hyun Joong was Tony Moly's endorser, I have been a big fan of this brand.  It's just one of those brands whose skin care line and miscellaneous products works for me and in a more affordable way.  So when ever Tony Moly has an event I really make an effort for one of the most prolific Korean brands in the market.  This event is a prime example.
Last February 2, Super Junior M visited Manila and performed for the second annual Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert.  Prior to their appearance at the concert, Super Junior M had a fan sign event, a.k.a an autograph event.  For fans to get a chance to be at this event, each person must be a Tony Moly membership card holder and have had purchases of a minimum of PhP3000 worth of Tony Moly products during a specific time period.   The rules and mechanics were posted early enough and explained thoroughly.
The day of the event arrived, look at the pretty life-size and small standees aren't they cute?
The few that were able to get the stubs from their Tony Moly purchases, were not few at all! this is a 4 tier line that circles back behind this cinema!
Press and bloggers were allowed in.
It was a long wait before the event started because they had to make sure that the people who were lining up were indeed the people who had the stubs given during the promo period and the distribution of the fan meet passes took longer than initially anticipated.  One of the reasons for the delay was the fans had to choose a color.  This will be the color of their fan meet pass and this will present what queue they line up at.  So if you chose hot pink you would line up at Sungmin's queue.
So while we waited we took selfies hehehe.
and they finally arrived:
the picture below is from Andy of
And the event started.
They were kind and quite gentle.  This is the first time that I will see them up close!
A crowd favorite!
While i will never forget his performance with our very own Charice after his recovery from a car accident on Star King in what seems like many many years ago, here is Kyuhyun, still with that sweet smile of his.
from Andy of , thanks hun!
And Henry, this cutie i know from when he was hosting Simply K-Pop when U-Kiss had to tour abroad and Eli could not attend the recording.
Though my fan meet pass was hot pink, i knew i had to say a few words to Henry!
And I did! He hesitated in signing my pass because it wasn't his color LOL but i talked my way through it hahaha and he just looked at me and shrugged, ok!  He thanked me for watching Simply K-pop while he was the host and I told him he was fun to watch!  He laughed at that.   He looks way better now with the auburn hair compared when they dyed his hair almost platinum blond! hahahaha
Oh well of course i'd queue up at the guy I can freely speak in American with, right? yeah yeah he's Canadian, but you know what I mean when I say American hehehe.  When someone says English, I think of David Beckham, Doctor Who, and the Spice Girls so I speak American hehehe since it's the kind of spoken English we are accustomed to anyhow LOL.
As an outsider, the entire event seemed to go so smoothly and in a very organized manner.  The barkers este I mean ushers for each queue knew what they were doing, knew each member well and treated the fans like they were family.  There were even international fans that were gleefully attending the event for a chance to meet their idols.  That they got to organize themselves with the Filipino fans to purchase for them and get the stubs and fly in then get the fan meet pass is quite a dedicated feat, wouldn't you say?  I can't say if it was the same smooth and organized at the behind the scenes.  Event organizing is one nightmare i hope i don't have to undertake by myself for a very long time to come LOL.
As an outsider documenting and experiencing another fan sign event, it seem as though it was a success.  The idols were happy, the fans were happy and there was a great deal of Tony Moly products sold.  I heard that they ran out of stubs pretty early in the promo period so that means to me that the sale event was a success ^_^
Congratulations Tony Moly Philippines! May you have many more events such as these ^_^


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