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For decades we have the leading brand as the family soap.   The leading brand was the soap my dad used to wash my knees when I scraped them playing on the street.  My mom washed her hands with it first before preparing dinner or when she would give me medicine when I had the flu. 
Even our personal physician used it. It was because of this that we trusted the leading brand to protect us from germs.  We had the leading brand's bar soaps at the kitchen sink, and at each and every lavatory in the households and in our schools.  
 We knew the leading brand to be antibacterial even before the predominance of antibacterial soaps in the market. We almost knew no other soap brand but the leading brand.
 The leading brand was for the entire family and was kind to anyone’s budget.  They even added a floral pink with aloe variant for our young ladies.
Because of this trust on the leading brand, specifically the classic beige scent, I never really deviated from using this old reliable.  Now, it has expanded its variants to the pure white and more recently, the floral pink with aloe.   I used the pure white which also has been around for decades and now I have the privilege of using the floral pink with aloe variant.  

So for a week I have been using these soaps side by side and below are my observations.
Skin Feel
Longevity of Freshness
Cleaning ability
Classic Beige
Your classic leading brand scent, mild, non-irritating scent
Refreshing and squeaky clean feeling
6-8 hours, [I work in a climate controlled office]
Cleans off most dirt and grime an office girl encounters
Floral Pink with aloe
A very strong floral scent mixed
Same refreshing clean feeling but a little more moisturizing.
About 6 hours, after lunch my back feels less squeaky clean even though I don’t sweat at the office.
The classic beige feels like it cleans better than the floral pink with aloe, I feel like I have to rub harder or use a loofa while using this variant.
Pure White
A very strong shower fresh scent
Very similar to the classic beige except that the pure white has a much stronger scent
Quite similar to the effect of classic beige.  The scent on the skin lasts longer than the scent of classic beige
The only difference between this and the classic beige is the very strong scent.
There’s a new antibacterial soap in the market -  Shield.  Shield is here to also protect us from germs and bacteria.
The new Shield antibacterial bath soaps are for the active and on the go family.
Shield also has three fragrances to suit everyone in the family and most of our tastes.
 Shield has three fragrances to suit everyone in the family and most of our tastes.
I also used the new antibacterial soaps for a week and below are my observations.
Skin Feel
Longevity of Freshness
Cleaning ability
Calming Beige
The scent is very very strong. Perfume-y
Gives a very squeaky clean feel to my skin.
Freshness lasts about 8   hours. The scent rubs off onto my clothes.  It’s that strong
It cleans the grime of my skin in hard to reach places very well with no oily after feel.
Blooming Pink
A very strong floral scent mixed with a cologne scent.
Very moisturizing to the skin but not oily
Not as lasting as the freshness feel provided by the calming beige variant.
I recommend this for washing the hands each and every time I go to the loo, so that way my hands will not get dry from washing too much.
Cleansing White
More for a guy kind of scent in my opinion.  It’s like a combination of ocean breeze and shower fresh scent.
Very similar to the calming beige in feel after rinsing off.
Quite similar to the effect of classic beige.  So it lasts about 6-8 hours.
Very similar effect to the calming beige.  Can remove the oily grime we accumulate on our backs throughout the day.
Check out the ingredients of each scent.
 And the difference is the fragrance used ^_^

Through the course of a week, I was able to compare the leading brand and Shield and here are my final thoughts on both brands.
Expected Soap Characteristics
Leading brand
Mild and not perfume-y but doesn’t last as long as the scents of the Shield soaps
Lasts much longer on the skin than the scent of than the leading brand's scents. Each variant has a very strong sent.
Skin Feel
Very squeaky clean skin-feel except for the floral pink with aloe.
Has the same squeaky clean feel that the leading brand leaves my skin with.
Longevity of Freshness
Depending on the scent you used, the pure white variant gives the most lasting freshness “feel” which about 8 hours. This is followed by classic beige of around 6 hours. Lastly the floral pink with aloe giving the least amount of time between new bathed freshness feel to feeling like you need to shower again.
I feel that the strength of scents used in all three Shield soaps is strong enough to last anyone through the day. 
Cleaning ability
I feel the pure white closely followed by the classic beige have the best cleaning ability as they can remove that oily film feel on my back the easiest and even removes some of my waterproof makeup. 
The Shield has the same   cleaning power as the leading brand.  The calming beige having the most cleansing power followed by pure white.
DISCLAIMER: I used these soaps over the course of a week.  I work in a climate controlled office.  I did not have a chance to walk around the streets where my office building is.  


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