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DISCLAIMER:  I paid for this product with my own money. I am not paid in cash for the reviews that I do on products from Korean or Japanese brands. I will also update this blog entry with the price of this product. I no longer recall how much this is.
Some of you know that i always complain about my hormonal breakouts. Which is why i always try any new iteration of snail creams because they have been the best so far to keep my hormonal breakouts at bay.  But that doesn't mean I'm not going to wash off the snail cream, makeup, and the day's dirt and grime with just water.  I try to continue my anti breakout regimen with a facial wash to help me avoid more zits.  So this one by the face shop that claims to have Salicylic Acid caught my eye and I had to try it.
 The ingredients are below.  Hey, at least Salicyclic acid isn't listed as the very last ingredient [meaning the ingredient with the least amount or the least percentage added in the entire content].

the spout looks like this.
You have to shake it a bit otherwise it's just gonna come out as a very watery liquid soap.  So you need to shake it that way the product will come out as it is meant to, as a foam.
 And will you look at that! It can wash off something that is waterproof!
 It feels really not drying at all.  a great deal of facial washes feel drying and feels like your skin it is stretching every which way.  So even if this facial foam doesn't completely deliver on what the name promises, which is zero blemishes.
  • the scent, i like it, it's kinda citrusy but not overwhelming or too strong and most of all, it doesn't make me sneeze
  • doesn't feel drying on my skin
  • isn't drying
  • cleans off waterproof products such as that eyeliner i used on my hand and doesn't leave a trace
  • doesn't leave my skin feeling oily but not dry, just the right combination of moisturized
  • fresh feeling of newly washed face does last for a good 3-4 hours
  • the format, the fact that it comes out of the spout as a foam is very convenient and allows me to save water ;-)
  • on a very humid day people with very oily skin might find this foam not too effective in cleaning off or removing that feeling of grime or dirt on the face
  • the salicylic acid is not enough to prevent my hormonal breakout, it's just a great facial wash.
RECOMMENDATION:  I recommend this product to anyone who has normal to slightly oily and people with dry skin.  I also recommend this to product to guys.  it cleans well and is not at all drying.


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