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 DISCLAIMER:  I received this as part of a kit for me to review when Holika Holika opened shop here in the Philippines to what we now know as Holika Holika Philippines.  It is available here at their SM Fairview branch for PhP465
They sent me the black on in 01 or Black Gem, i can't call it Black Jam, it 's just wrong hahaha.  Here's what en.koreadepart has on the product.
 There are five (5) shades
 And the product description.
Product shots ;-)
 What the dip liner brush looks like.  it really does have a pointed end and it's quite firm, not flimsy like the brushes they include when you buy grade school watercolor LOL
 So it's sparkley, too.
if you click on the pic below you'd see that it has sparkles here and there.
 and it truly is waterproof!
 BUT DON'T as in don't rub your eyes if you get caught in the rain.  Get to a bar brawl and people throw water or beer in your face!  Remember, don't rub!
 Because the middle part of the brush tip is not flimsy at all, i'm feeling this more than my previous eye liner that i featured in this review here.  But the fact that it's a dip liner will make it a difficult sell.  This is the liquid liner that most women dread and fear to use.  Women think that you have to be great with calligraphy to apply eye liner well with brush tips like these. 
Frankly, nope, i aint great in calligraphy.  I think this dip liner is very easy to use.  The very tip of the brush is the only pliable or flimsy part, the rest of the brush to its base is quite firm so I think this dip liner will be easy to use for beginners as well.
  • a dip liner that is actually manageable and easy to use
  • creates a much finer line compared to my previous reviewed liner
  • for a sparkly liner, it doesn't feel as stick on my hooded lid like the previous liner that i reviewed
  • is waterproof
  • no weird scent
  • doesn't irritate my eyes
  • doesn't flake into my eye while it's set (as in when it's still dry on my eye)
  • the oil on my lid did not slowly smear it off
  • the sparklies did not flake and fall into my eye
  • still wearable during the day, the sparklies do not make your lash line look like a disco ball or the tip of a fairy's wand
  • dries easily
  • doesn't feel like elmer's glue on my lid (as in it doesn't feel like you have a thick rubbery thing on your eye lid)
  • well, it rubs off when wet
  • AND when wiping this off my lids with a cotton ball wet with makeup remover, a big black flake went into my eye.  hahaha i almost panicked because i thought it would hurt or sting but it didn't.  it is a dislike because i prefer these things to melt off with after dipping my cotton [wet with makeup remover] on my lid or better yet, i prefer a liquid liner that can be removed by warm water
RECOMMENDATION:  I recommend this to anyone who wants a fairly inexpensive dip liner because the brush tip is very very manageable and is easy to work with.   Just be a little more careful than I am in removing this from your eye lids and don't rub your eyes in case you sweat.  LOL


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