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DISCLAIMER:  This was given to me for review by Tony Moly Philippines.  I am not paid for these reviews and these are my own personal opinions.
The product description and SRP in the Philippines.
Product description in English inserted in the box with the product.
Ah! so! there is more than your usual snail mucin in this new product than in their previous version of snail cream that i reviewed here with video.  This new and improved version contain snail egg extract and gold tea snail secretion.  I'm not understanding the gold tea snail secretion, i mean , if you read it just like that you'd assume that some snails secrete gold as they crawl along. lists the gold as simply gold and not something as secreted by a snail. hahaha can you imagine? if we discovered animals that secrete gold? we would never know about it! LOL
 instructions on how to use is below
but the box also has directions on how to use this product
The ingredients are below
and the gold can be seen swirled in and around the product.
the glycerin makes the pores seem to disappear, it's just smoke and mirrors, y'all.  the gold does get blended out and absorbed by my skin.
After two weeks of using the products day and night.
I always try to use skin care products like these at least a couple of weeks worth of use.  As you know women's hormonal activities ranges throughout the weeks of each month and goes through its cycle again in the next month.    So giving this a whirl for at least 2 weeks was about enough time for me to decide if this product is as good as Tony Moly's previous version.  The two weeks that I tried this covered both my PMS and menses period of the month.
As its predecessor, this one prevented my face from having pimpleS during that time of the month.  Instead i had a pimple somewhere else, as in my chest.  eh wala namang sinabing pati chest mag apply di ba? hehehe face and neck lang daw LOL.  but wait, I did grow a really small pimple below my lip, but it was gone the next day.
Why did i photograph my recent boil scar on my right cheek? i just wanted to highlight the fact that the glycrine in the product makes my scar look shallower and lighter so i would need less foundation and concealer to hide it.  If the product is making the dark scar look lighter, i must confess in that in the couple of weeks it is kinda lighter than when i wasn't using this snail cream.
  • my skin absorbs it quickly
  • smells great, not overpowering at all
  • so it doesn't make me sneeze the way it's skin's snail cream does
  • doesn't irritate my skin
  • does not break me out
  • can be used by people with any type of skin
  • can be used during any time of the year
  • because it gets absorbed quickly, it doesn't funk up my foundation or cc cream that i'm wearing throughout the day
  • at least this month, this prevented zitS, the one zit that did manage to pop up my skin below my lip disappeared overnight, as fast as it came i guess.
  • you can actually see gold particles in the product, though that kind of gold doesn't necessarily gets absorbed, only nano particles actually get absorbed below the stratum corneum but it's a nice touch that i can see some gold in the product. see this wiki article for gold absorbability
  • i'm not sure if they just forgot to put it in the box? but i didn't get a spatula with my product.  if some of you have already read my snail cream reviews, then you'd know these korean companies generally put a spatula with the item so that you don't have to use your fingers to dip in the tub of product to be a little more hygienic.  i found no spatula :'(  but since i have  a lot of spatulas from my other products then i just use those LOL
  • it only has 65% snail mucin.  but i guess the gold in it is the reason why they had to use less snail mucin otherwise the product would even be more expensive!
  • the price, but considering the product has gold AND snail cream, then well paying PhP2500 for 45ml of product then i guess it's only fair? pero di ba ang mahal?  
Frankly, the price will be the initial turn off.  I mean almost 2500 pesos for something you have never tried something you're not sure will work on you.  Something you only read about on blogs and no real published studies about snail cream.  I've asked dermatologists in the Philippines, but they don't know or claim not to know about or even have heard of it.  [as you know our medical association here is more american than asian or european, so they don't wanna be aware about asian stuff until it lands in the u.s. of a.]  Having said this though, and having been using snail cream products since 2011 i can safely say that it works on my skin.  it's my do all cream.  my day and night anti wrinkle, moisturizing, and healing cream.  Tony Moly's snail products are one of the best of the many i have tried since 2011.  I highly recommend this product even though it only has 65% snail cream, it got rid of the zit i did get while i had my period and it is a very very good moisturizer.
This is a great gift idea for moms, titas or our graduating students who have suffered long nights on their thesis to bring some zing back on their skins!


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