Wednesday, February 5, 2014


DISCLAIMER:  I was given this as part of a press kit for the Glam Rock line launch by Too Cool For School.  I am not paid in cash for this feature and review.
This is the rest of the press kit
A close up view of the liquid liner. There's a  pump at the back tip of the eye liner.  The 'ink' comes out of the middle of the brush fibers.  The bristles are synthetic fibers.
It writes pretty thick and you can see where it draws a blank.  What i mean is that it doesn't write a solid line.
But it does have glitter, do you see them sparklies? Ey it's waterproof!
HOWEVER, it rubs off.  the formula that allows it to keep the glitter from clumping together is most likely the same thing that doesn't keep the liner from sticking to my skin.
and it rubs off altogether on to that tissue over there.
but if you don't get water splashed all over your face, if you don't sweat too much, if you don't get stuck in the rain, don't blink too much, if you don't have a hooded lid, then yeah, it's possible that this liner could work for you.
  • once you manage to get a good solid line, it is really really black
  • i like the little sparklies thrown in
  • doesn't have a funky scent
  • does not react with my skin or make me cry
  • didn't clog the roots of my lashes
  • well, it's easy to remove
  • water proof just don't rub your eyes when it's wet!
  • I think the brush tip is slightly too long
  • the pump might have been a sound idea on paper or the drawing board, but if you've used those brush tip concealers then you'd know you get a glob of product that you blend and spread out with your fingers anyway, it's quite similar with this brush pen liner thing.  you get a glob of product at either the tip of the brush OR the glob of product comes out at the base of the brush
  • RUBS off when wet
  • doesn't make a fine line.  if it were a ball pen, this isn't a fine point.
While you're dry, this should be a good liner.  But you have to have a good steady hand to use this.  You have to stay dry.  


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